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Saturday, 11 November 2017



Cllr Pascall has just signed off another payment of close to £400,000 for Opera Holland Park.

Will it never end? 
It really seems like Mike 'Foxy' Volpe, the opportunistic boss of this sham opera company has Pascall by the balls.


  1. Cllr Pascall, that triple dipper of public funds with both he and his wife on the expenses payroll in Hornton Street, is part of the problem.

    Does he understand politics? Does he understand that in the wake of Grenfell, blowing another £400k of council tax on elitist opera in Holland Park is an insult to residents? Quite apart from being an abuse of public funds, a failure of Leadership, and crass ignorance.

    Note to Editors. Cllr Pascall wants to replace Cllr Campbell as Leader of the Royal Borough

  2. A failed Italian travel agent with tattoos to rival Beckham is what it takes to run rings around the Tory grave diggers in Hornton Street

  3. Another £400k for rich people to go to the opera. How out of touch can a Council get?

  4. Try this!

    1. This is just terrible. £200,000 council tax spent on a rich neighbour dispute arising from an over privileged child playing his piano and making a noise.

      Another example of a Council that is out of touch, and taken leave of its senses. How can it possibly be that Officers and Councillors allow this kind of expenditure? Is there no management control? Does it take a £20 million bill before someone notices that maybe a veto is required?

      Too many Councillors with too much money and not enough to do. And a Town Hall in thrall to the rich who might hand out freebies and invites.

      Pass the sick bag, Dame

    2. We are in the safe hands of Cllr Pascall - son at Eton

    3. If a black boy in North Kensington made a noise on his trumpet and disturbed neighbours, would the Council get involved? Has the Council EVER got involved in North Kensington noise nuisance?

      Think about it.

  5. Does the Dame have a photograph of this rodent Pascall?

  6. What exactly does the Leadership team of Kensington and Chelsea think it is entitled to do?

    In the last 10 days Cllr "£1 million holiday home" Campbell, Deputy "Ferrari driving" Cllr Taylor-Smith and Deputy "son at Eton" Cllr Pascall have spent £400k of council tax on subsidy for Holland Park Opera and £200k on legal costs for piano lesson nuisance by a boy in up market Scarsdale Villas. Considering everything that is happening in the Royal Borough, is this a wise set of decisions? Have the three Leaders heard that a local election is coming in May next year?

    Ruth Davidson has asked them whether they understand that London politicians need to look, feel and sound like the residents that they represent. She has warned them that the Tories face wipe out in the London elections.

    Tory Chairman Cllr Julie Mills gets it. Campbell, Pacall and Taylor-Smith clearly do not get it. And those around Cllr Mills do not seem to get it either.

  7. Much comment has been made about the third rate operatic venue. I and my family know of this third rate effort, as we have to put up with this din, whether we like it or not - we live in our comfy sette..

  8. Indiscriminate waste of taxpayers money, to satisfy crass ego trips of many Councillors. They think that these interests would elevate them to the upper echelons of Society. On the contrary, they just sink deeper in the bottomless swamp of self-interested and greed.
    Roll on 2018 and local elections. I have placed a fair bet that Tories will we wiped out. I am likely to make considerable profit. Dizzy Lizzy and her clique are destined to join those of her ilk in the dustbin of history.

  9. I am very sympathetic with SB. He has to put up with all the ghastly third rate operatic venue.

  10. £400k for an Opera in the midst of Grenfell? Have these Councillors taken leave of their senses??

  11. I shall try again.
    This story is completely untrue.


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