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Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Dear Dame

We need some help.  
We will be taking the Save the Notting Hill police station petition to the full cabinet on the 6th November.  

We know the Mayor is closing the station so we have lost that battle but we have not lost the war.  
There is still the building!  
The council has designated the site as an Asset of Community Value and we are proposing action to be taken to save the site for the community.

The help we need now is for a few of you who have not signed the petition, to please now do so.  The petition has 2389 signatures.  It would be wonderful if we could go over the 2400 number 

Can you, if you have not signed the petition, go on the site and sign now.  If you have signed it, ask a friend, a family member or neighbour to sign it now.


  1. Signed x 1 and forwarded to two others

  2. signed long ago, in a link by Ken Soc. It is one thing to get the building listed as ACV, but another thing to get it pay for itself. I was under the impression that the campaigners had a clear plan for the ACV. Appears not so. Is it going to stay empty, rotting?

  3. One of the Holland Park employees just delivered to out sette the Kensington Society's Autumn Newsletter, which deals with this topic. You can read the piece or download the Newsletter at
    Other articles are also of interest.

  4. Sad to hear that the police station itself cannot be saved.

    Surely the perfect use for the ACV on the building is as a medical centre. We wouldn't then need one in Newcombe House tower - and perhaps the Kensington Society can now withdraw their support for the building of that eye sore?

  5. Not sure how protective this Asset of Community Value actually is .... the KPH Pub has one of these yet hasn't protected it from the developers


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