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Friday, 17 November 2017


Dear Dame,
Earls Court residents are very quick to be ticketed or have their cars towed by wardens for parking close to Paladin bins so why so slothful when commercial vehicles like Leyland SDM using to park in residents spaces all day to promote and advertise their silly 'discounts'.

Is it wise for Leyland SDM to alienate SW5 customers by parking in their spaces.  Why should residents be constantly targeted whilst commercial vehicles get off scot free? 

Maybe Cllrs Spalding, Wade or Aouane should have words with Leyland's CEO Andrew Urban on behalf of Earls Court residents. 
Mr Urban's company  has just been fined £450,000 after four workers at the head office were seriously hurt. 
Not what you might call a public friendly company!
Earls Court resident


  1. Cllr Spallding is full of himself at public meetings, glad handing residents and handing out his "Cllr Spallding, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea" business card to any person whose eye he can catch.

    Cllr Spalding needs to pay more attention to his residents and less to his ego.

    Note to Editors: Cllr Spalding's repeat printing orders in Hornton Street for "business" cards is 17.8 times the average order rate for other councillors

  2. Cllr Spalding is note taken seriously by his fellow Tories. He is tolerated as a bit of buffoon. Harmless and pompous, but a buffoon.

  3. Why is the van tolerated? Simple, brown envelope or vested interest in the AdVan Company - simple, you silly person. Lodge formal complaint and see how far you will get.

  4. Its all so RBKC, purge those promoting pomp and stupidity at residents cost.

  5. You would have thought one of the councillors would have jumped into action by now. Out of curiosity I drove down to have a look and the van is still there unmoved and unticketed.

    Cllr Wade only just became an councillor with a few more votes than Jonathan Read (Holland Park) back in 2014. Though residents say she does not concern herself with residents who have cars and problems with parking.

    Spalding is in a precarious position after siding with CapCo over residents over demolishing Earls Court and not dealing with the health issues surrounding it. Happy to rub shoulders with CapCo. Also a strong supporter of the Paladin scheme which has increased fly tipping and left residents paying fines. On top of that losing Earls Court post office meaning everyone in the area have to trek a mile or so to the next post office

    Now with the aftermath of Grenfell every Conservative councillor now needs go above and beyond before May 2018. Goes to show Councillors still do not understand the seriousness of their position and power.

    EDC was voted in by blue voting red; Tory votes are being turned from blue to red out of frustration with arrogant and uncaring council.

    Without the Dame as helmsman no one would be guiding HMS RBKC to happier shores.

    1. Spalding is a total waste of space

  6. We know RBKC parking attendants are told not to ticket Police, have they been told not to ticket ad vans too?

    Seems like an FOI request could be appropriate

  7. Shout out... Just need two more signatures.
    Help save our college please.

  8. The van did eventually leave the road yesterday evening but only now the wardens have begun patrolling Earls Court. Little late of them. Pretty sure if the Dame had not advertised the situation it would still be there.

    Long live the Dame!

    1. Thank you, my dear. You made an elderly lady feel good.
      Any major transgressions of this sort should be reported directly to the head honcho at Marston Holdings, owners of NSL Parking.
      Gareth quickly cracks the whip and is far more effective than some pompous chappie like Spalding. Please tell the Dame.

  9. Shame, RBKC did not respond so we don't know how much RBKC will spending on fire safety. Top of the list: Southwark £162m.

  10. I thought the regeneration programme has been put on hold but sounds as though it is continueing according to the resident of Whitstable House. Some more horror stories about TMO in the article. Terrible. I NEVER hear good thing about KCTMO, ever from anyone.

  11. Does anyone have a bio/info on Kerry Tromanhauser Interim Director of Governance & Compliance and Company Secretary at RBKC?

    1. "Kerry Tromanhauser – Director of Governance and Assurance

      Kerry qualified a barrister and a solicitor and worked in the private and public sectors in Canada before immigrating to the U.K. in 2004. Following two governance related roles in the social housing sector, he joined Viridian Housing in November 2011 in the newly created Head of Governance role.

      In addition to his Viridian duties, Kerry is a reservist in the field of Media Operations with the Royal Navy and recently deployed in support of current operations in 2014."

      Viridian Housing manages houses in Kensington.

      "Kerry Tromanhauser
      Executive Director Transformation & Innovation (terminated in Aug (2017)"

      He does get around in HA circle.
      You can see where this is leading to, can't you?

    2. If he is so well legally qualified why did he advice the TMO to remove Cllr Blakeman from their Board without following even the TMO's minimal due processes?

    3. I think, at this stage, it is rather naive to think they will stick to due processes which are non-existant in RBKC. If they don't like anything, they just remove them regardless, just like what they did to Grenfell, murdered and removed people out of the building.

      I hear that business is back to usual by bringing back regeneration plan. The wave is now hitting Whitstable House. Where will they be moved to?

    4. TMO about to remove another Board member - watch this space.

    5. Do you know if any TMO RA members are allowed to inquire about the reasons of the removal in writing?
      Will they be replacing the missing posts?

  12. @20:08 thank you, what does "HA Circle" mean please?

  13. Does anyone have any intel on Dominic Davies, Environmental Services Manager for KCTMO?


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