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Thursday, 16 November 2017


Truly excellent resident associations are hard to find. 
If you live in the Milner Street, Chelsea you are very fortunate. 
Because the Milner Street Resident's Association will be battling to preserve your quality of life.
But organisations like MISARA don't just happen; they need enthused members to maintain their dynamism and effectiveness.
Lord Lexden
Guest Speaker

Sadly, the old Dame lives beyond MISARA's boundaries so she is not able to attend the upcoming AGM. However, she reads with great interest the annual newsletter. 

St Simon Zelotes

It's well written and thoughtfully analyses the various issues the Association has dealt with over the year.
It's also well worth reading for the more general information about the area.
Here is a link to the NEWSLETTER 

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 23rd November at St Simon Zelotes Church @ 7.00pm with a party after the meeting. 

Please do come along if you live in any of these street:
Clabon Mews, First St,Halsey St,Hasker St, Lennox Gardens and Mews, Milner St, Moore St, Ovington St, Rawlings St, Richards Place and St Catherine's Mews.
Clabon Mews, First Street,
Halsey Street, Hasker Street, Lennox
Gardens, Lennox Gardens Mews, Milner
Street, Moore Street, Ovington Street,
Rawlings Street, Richards Place and St
s Me
You don't need to be a member and can join at the door.

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