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Tuesday, 28 November 2017


The Dame hates controversy but there is something deeply sinister about Provo admiring, John McDonnell.
A Man of Violence and his friend
The Dame is proud of what Irish blood she has but, unlike fellow Irishman, McDonnell, she does not rally to the cause of violent republicanism. Equally, unlike McDonnell, she doesn't hate this country in the way he does.

McDimwit is proving to be embarrassingly hopeless. His performance at the Budget and in subsequent media interviews left everybody gasping at his sheer ineptitude!
His latest blunder is giving an unqualified thumbs up for a universal Winter Fuel Allowance. 

Well, the Dame has just read Mrs. Siddiqui's heart-rending account of children at her primary school going hungry.
There are tens of thousands of pensioners who have no need of the allowance so why did McDonnell not make the caveat that if you don't need it give it to those who genuinely do?
The man is a clear and present danger to this country.

The Dame has decided to give her allowance to Mrs. Siddiqui and she encourages others as lucky as the Dame to give their unneeded allowance to help children going hungry.


  1. He really was out of his depth. Imagine him going to the IMF!!

  2. Non Commie Labour28 November 2017 at 12:42

    We forget he's old and concentration not too good

  3. The Country is in for a shake up. Labour Government courtesy of out of touch Tories. There will be a terrible 5 years. But it will pass.

  4. None of your business28 November 2017 at 18:19

    I thought that the Dame was a leftie: she clearly hates Mc Donnell

    1. Ah, dear: It matters not whether our dearest Dame is an alleged 'leftie', There are many true 'lefties' who hate this weasel.

  5. Mc Donnell has only ever fed himself and his family from the taxpayer.

  6. But back to the topic. The recipient should be free to do with his WFP as he/she feels fit. Many donate. How would you decide whether an individual is worthy this taxpayer freebie? Yet, another assessment by DWP? God forbid.

  7. This claim is silly! In the spring, when the Conservatives launched their ludicrous election campaign which included talks about making the winter fuel allowance means-tested, John McDonnell simply stated that Labour prefers it to continue as a universal benefit for all pensioners - and considering how poorly the Tories performed in the snap election, it's obvious most people agreed with Labour.

    If nothing else, means-testing a benefit which for most retired couples comes to £100 per parson, will cost the government much more per person in administration - and all those wishing to receive it would have to fill in long forms every year, as their financial situation may have changed since last year.
    According to press everyone automatically gets it once they've passed the age threshold, but both I and my wife had to apply for it as it didn't come automatically, so that's not really true.

    One simple solution would be to give it only to those who apply for it once they've passed the age threshold. Most super rich people would not bother applying for £100/year.
    Another solution is to tell all energy companies that if they want to continue to trade as such, they must give all pensioner households a £200 discount each year. That way it won't cost the government anything - and £200 is the kind of discount energy companies never hesitate to give if a client threatens to switch to another provider, so they can clearly afford it.

    1. The point the Dame was making was that loudmouth, McDimwit, could quite easily suggested that those not in need donate it.
      12:53 you clearly are in love with McDimwit. Anyone with just a modicum of hard earned assets best beware: McDimwit, who has never needed to create wealth, will have it off you.
      His entire life has been funded by the taxpayer. If he ever gets his hands on the levers of power anyone with any entrepreneurial bent best scarper....McDimwit despises success....unless it involves getting your mouth on the teat of the public purse.

  8. But our new MP Emma is busy working with and influencing McDonnell for the better

  9. Talking of fuel: Kensington & Chelsea council is to install 50 electric vehicle charging points in street lamps. The work carried out alongside OVO Energy and Ubitricity.


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