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Thursday, 16 November 2017


Yesterday, the Dame had to visit the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall.
She passed the Freeman Suite named after a former leader, the saturnine and corrupt, Nicholas Freeman.
The next leader should remove all trace of this man; a disgrace to the Royal Borough.
Anyway, the Dame was there to renew her resident parking permit.
You can see her below with the Armstrong Siddeley.

What struck the Dame was the helpfulness and commitment of the junior and mid-ranking staff. Councillors and senior officers should remember they are supposed to be setting an example.

What these junior and mid/ranking staff must think of those above them does not bear thinking.
This is why the next leader must be someone of stature and probity.


  1. I have always been impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the Parking staff at the Town Hall. The Dame is quite right to point out that Councillors and Senior Officers could learn a thing or two.

  2. The picture of Cllr Coleridge (naked) and his demolition ball have been removed from the website.


    He and his fellow crowd in the planning system are wreckers. They need to be exposed.

    1. I quite liked that wrecking ball in the image.

    2. Why? bit dated, I guess

  3. I, too, find that junior and mid/ranking staff are friendly, pleasant and helpful. Rarity in the borough.

  4. Grassroots revolt - that's what is needed. I thought that these mundane things are done online - nowadays.
    Nice to see that one of Dame's mode of luxurious transport is an AS, rather than Bentley - prefers mode of the nouveau riche and the pretentious lot. Indeed, like the attire. Darling Norman H, no doubt. His creations never age.

    1. As I understand it the Dame was once Mr Hartnell's muse


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