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Sunday, 28 June 2015


In a clumsy attempt to curry favour with locals the National Trust was encouraged to waste thousands of pounds on creating a rather odd looking 'beach' under the Westway.

This weekend bemused locals looked on as a few children played in desultory way in the sand....what a utter waste of time and money.
The National Trust should stop wasting our money on ill organised and poorly attended pr gimmicks. 

As for Westway Trust....using children in this cynical way is just contemptible.
Having destroyed the wonderful stables so loved by children they pretend they have their interests at heart. Hypocrites!


  1. The Evening Standard reported the plans for this in some detail. Apparently the National Trust threw £250,000 of their members' funds at it. It's part of a PR campaign by the Westway Trust to distract attention from it's plans to destroy the limited social assets of the low income families of North Kensington.

    The result was little more than a pile of sand dumped in a dreary space under the elevated Westway. A few children tried to make the most of it, but the dishonesty of the event is evident.

    1. Bread and circuses! Oh I mean, circuses! pathetic.

  2. If you want a beach, go to the seaside.

  3. This was an exercise in futility and it shows. The Westway and National Trusts have lost their minds. Regardless of whose funds were spent, it was an outrageous waste of money.

    Westway in particular is much mistaken if it thinks the public is so easily distracted. Residents were meant to ignore the closure of the stables and the Maxilla nursery, to play sand castles! An outrage!

  4. The Stables haven't closed - they are still fighting hard to keep going - for the benefit of the local community, for the ponies and for Sarah. Please all come and support them.

  5. What a depressing scene..if the above number of 250k is correct then i'd like to know what on earth they spent the money on?!
    I'd also like to add that West London Stables is still open for business, offering riding lessons to children and adults as well as pony rides!

  6. There is a series of National Trust "beaches." Perhaps this absurd sum is for the lot. But it's still a monumental waste of money.

  7. The ponies were used to advertise this event . When ask can they attend no why photo shot photos from save our stable to advertise what tries to cover our doom .when the tide comes in maybe wasteway will sink and all who sails in her and something like a wonderful needed maxillary will appear for everyone trying to work .and it will not be full of Wandsworth wannabees


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