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Monday, 22 June 2015


The Dame got a bit muddled over the proposed Nine Elms-Pimlico Bridge so an activist wrote in and very gently corrected the old thing.
It seems, according to one newspaper, both Westminster's Labour and Conservative groups are dead against the bridge-as are Pimlico residents. 
You can read the WCC reaction HERE claiming it would destroy one of the few green spaces left on the riverside.
Heather Acton, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Parking, commented Our officers have, and continue to express strongly the council’s opposition to the proposed bridge on the grounds of its visual and environmental impact, including the impact that a new bridge would have at a landing site in Westminster, on traffic flows, pedestrian movement and on residential amenity.”

A Pimlico Activist wrote to the Dame....

Dear Dame, how great to see news of this bridge on From the Hornet’s Nest - but it’s not exactly correct! The bridge is being pushed through by Wandsworth Council, plus the huge developers of the luxury developments on the Vauxhall site, and probably the American Embassy! It will be a cycle and/or pedestrian bridge which they intend to bring down into Pimlico Gardens/St. George’s Square - and therein lies the story!
Pimlico Alliance is adamantly opposed to the destruction of our only public green space, used by residents, schools, mums’ organisations and the general public.
Why can’t they attach this bridge to one of the two existing bridges, both within easy walking distance of the Embassy, luxury developments, shops etc. Why are they bringing it down in the only public green space in Pimlico? How can Wandsworth impose this on Westminster - when Westminster has opposed it? What or who lies behind Wandsworth’s power? Do we need a £45million bridge? Wouldn’t this better serve the people of East London??? A PR company, Colander Associates, are fronting for Wandsworth, with maximum obfuscation.
Pimlico Alliance will be setting up an online petition and we will keep you posted - meanwhile, the more publicity the better. Thank you!

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