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Thursday, 18 June 2015


Imagine waking up one morning to the headline in your Daily Telegraph....."Cadogan Family Sells Estate to Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Fund".......or worse, Donald Trump!
Yes, the stuff of nightmares for the majority of Chelsea residents.

Owning a London estate means you will never please all the people all the time.
When plans for 196-222 Kings Road were first mooted residents expressed concerns over the Curzon cinema and the Trafalgar Pub.

Sensibly, Cadogan has taken those concerns on board and recast the proposals by working with Curzon and others.

For two days, the 18th and 20th June, Cadogan has organised an exhibition at the Old Nat West Bank Building, 222-226 Kings Road.
The point of the exhibition is to get residents' reactions and answer any further concerns.
You can see all the details by clicking on this  LINK

It's difficult imagining Mr Trump or Sheikh Maktoum going to such lengths....


  1. Good move on the part of Cadogan. People forget that Cadogan have always been an invaluable part of the Chelsea community. Didn't they gift most of the land the Royal Brompton sits on. And Lord Cadogan is often seen walking the streets so one can always have a moan at him! The Dame is, as usual, spot on....any other owner would exploit the estate

  2. Wonderful timing. Holding a consultation without telling anyone about it, then when they don't get much reaction they say that residents don't object.

    Will the plans incorporate a Crossrail 2 station, I wonder?

  3. The Dame doesn't get the point....
    Surely holding a two day exhibition is 'consulting'? And they certainly seem to be telling everybody about it. Also, working with Curzon to get a solution all are happy with is excellent news.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Interesting that the event was publicised so late, or has it just been brought to The Dame's attention? As yesterday has gone, will make every effort to get there tomorrow..

  6. Sounds like the Dame may have sold out to Cadogan.

    Is the WHOLE Borough susceptible to corruption?

  7. That comment really upset the Dame....reel back and see how cross the Dame was over Cadogan's original plans.
    The company freely admitted they erred in their consultation first time around. Suggesting the Dame has 'sold out' is as silly as suggesting Curzon have sold out by sitting down with Cadogan to come up with a solution agreeable to all.
    The Dame has always said better one company committed long term to Chelsea than fragmented ownership or ownership by a thoroughly exploitative property development company.
    If you are going to accuse the dear old Dame of selling out provide a much better reason than her praising a local company for engaging with( to use a ghastly term) its stakeholders.

  8. Very harsh of Anonymous to make that comment under the cover of anonymity. Ignore him / her, Dame - you have been consistent in your opinions.

    Anonymous (no relation)


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