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Saturday, 20 June 2015


The Dame likes to think of her little 'media enterprise' as being in the best tradition of 'US citizen journalism': a place residents can find an audience for their views and-vent their anger and frustration.....
The reader below praises Cadogan for the open and transparent way it explains plans for the Curzon and Trafalgar.
Rightly, she asks why Minerva cannot be as forthcoming.
Obviously they have something to hide.....
Secretive Mack, the
Minerva Boss

Could the fact that the US owners of Minerva are the secretive Area Management, exploiters of distressed assets, have something to do with it? 
If so, little wonder Minerva produced a blockbuster 40 documents to bamboozle objecters with!

Dear Dame
I read with great interest your story about Cadogan's exhibition and consultation. How very different from the way Minerva and the council are disrespecting residents.
In January Minerva's application to develop the Odeon and Post Office sites on Kensington High St was given a resounding thumbs down by the planning applications committee. Minervathe developer of the 77 luxury flats in the massive reconstruction at 75-89 Lancaster Gate,have now submitted a new application (PP/15/02618).  

Minerva has presented to just a few of the local associations and the Councillors. There has been NO public consultation. There were more than 400 objections to the last application and over 100 people attended the committee meeting.  
Doesn’t that show the public interest and concerns?

The application has over 40 documents many are huge 5 to 10MB files which are difficult to download and lack any proper description. If you are lucky enough to have the time and a powerful computer, you can see that the entrance to the cinema will be through the former doors but into a very small landing leading confusingly through more doors to stairs down 2 to 3 levels to the cinemas.  
The former Post Office will become the luxury secondary entrance to the 37 flats above – the main entrance is through the private, evening gated entrance in the courtyard.
Have a look at the DeVere Gardens luxury entrance and envision that on the High Street?   
Minerva maintains there is no loss of retail, but all the retail will be on Earl’s Court Road with most the space in the basements.  Buried in the documents is a new crossing at the corner of Kensington High Street.  
Though the plans show tables and chairs in the forecourt, the cafĂ© is to be jointly used as the ticket counter inside the cinema with no visible controls and only operating when the cinema is open.  
The forecourt will die.  
The only small victory is that the trees will remain.

Why cannot Minerva take the lead from the Cadogan Estate and have a public presentation.  
Why can’t they present to us their vision and convince us that they will not damage our High Street?  
What do they fear?

Yours faithfully

A long time resident

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  1. I feel really sorry for the residents of tiny Pembroke Place W8 right behind the Odeon, spent happy years there back in the 70's It'll be hell when they start the redevelopment


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