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Monday, 8 June 2015


Decaux's intrusive advertising ruins London. In their home city of Paris they would be told to take a hike

In London they are able to do what they wish.
Fortunately, a hawk eyed resident alerted the Dame to their plan to erect a 12 metre by 3 metre, internally illuminated, static panel outside Earls Court Tube station.
You can see the details on this LINK

Some years back Danny Boys Moylan had breakfast with the oddly named Monsieur Jean Jean of Decaux.
Danny Boys revels in being Cllr de Clutter. Maybe he should have a stern word with Decaux and explain that we don't want their junk in our Conservation area.


  1. K&C Council could not care less about residents.

    We have a Leader who "listens but does not hear"

    1. Ah! The great tradition of Cllr Weale. "We agreed to listen but not to hear" she trilled while exercising her duties as Cabinet Member for Education. Pig in a poke.

  2. I don't know... Will our dear Nick and his cheesy grin feature on any of these? Perhaps a matter to be brought to the attention of the Kensington branch of the 38-degrees, It can start a petition and get things moving...

  3. The business arrangements between RBKC and Decaux are very strange. Moylan made residents pay for an expensive private breakfast. Over this elegant repast the apparent subject for discussion was the installation of a series of concrete auto loos - a scenario that seems unlikely.

    Auto loos are concrete coffins and very little used. They exist largely to serve RBKC's box ticking requirements. Each one costs residents over £30,000 a year in rent plus servicing. Minimal usage is designed into them. They stink, both literally and metaphorically. Every year a foreign owned firm is handed huge sums of residents' funds, for virtually no result.

    Much the same can be said for RBKC's deal with Decaux over illuminated advertising. Local businesses cannot obtain permission for such grossly intrusive and inappropriate panels. The rules do not apply to Decaux. Every year massive revenue is made, thanks to the cosy relationship between RBKC and Decaux. It's natural that this is re-enforced at the highest level over a West End dining table, rather than by middle managers at a desk in the RBKC's waste management office in Pembroke Road. Enough said.

  4. But please note, dear Dame, that the linked application was refused by RBKC in June 2014. That decision was then immediately appealed to the Planning Inspectorate by Decaux, and in February 2015 the planning inspector ruled in favour of Decaux.

    So, in this case it's the extremely developer friendly government we should blame. It is constantly overruling planning refusals made by local councils - in spite of all its talk about "localism".

    1. The Inspector does not seem to be aware that the Exhibition Centre is no longer in operation and in fact cites it as one of the reasons that this piece of sxxt is acceptable:

      6. The previous appeal decision for the site acknowledged that the locality is well
      lit as a result of the station, the busy and well lit street and the significant
      Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. I conclude similarly, that the proposal would be
      in keeping with the surrounding area and would not add noticeably to the
      surrounding light levels.
      7. As a result of these matters, I conclude that the proposal would not have any
      unacceptable effects on the character or appearance of the area, including the
      setting of the listed building and the nearby conservation areas.

      Surely the decision must be flawed if it is based on incorrect information?

  5. Decaux will build this exceptionally inappropriate advertising installation. Even RBKC rejected it. It's in a conservation area outside a Grade II listed building. This 24/7 illuminated piece of street furniture will be 12m x 3m, or in English 40ft wide x 10ft high! Meanwhile that champion of ridding our streets of unnecessary street furniture, Moylan, is more than happy to entertain Decaux at our expense. So who benefits?

  6. No Thankyou! Residents here are fed up with not having a voice. We do NOT want any illuminated advertising on Warwick Road please!

  7. What have the three Tory Earls Court Councillors done to address this? As 14.14 says if the decision was based on flawed information it should be challenged? Warwick Road and the Junction to the A4 is so badly polluted residents are breathing thick black poison on a regular basis. The Exhibition Centre is being dismantled and no one really knows what its putting into the air? Where are the their hotel meeting the chosen few?

  8. There is one Lib Dem councillor in Earl's Court Linda Wade who is very good. Like Corunto said "we are fed up with not having a voice" she has two useless Tory councillors Aouane & Spalding to contend with. This will distract drivers too!

    No one in the area asked for Earls Court Exhibition Centre to be demolished only for developers CapCo to fill their pockets so foreign investors & absentee landlords can make an investment.

    Thanks to Boris Johnson, English Heritage, RBKC Planning Dept including Bore & Allison Flight, the very quiet MPs Malcolm Rifkind and Victoria Borwick and not to forget the gutless Conservative Earls Court Councillors Jonathan Read, Terence Buxton, Malcolm Spalding & Fenella 'Inane' Aouane.

    Philbeach Gardens Conservatives are up to their necks in this project but just because they knock Earls Court down does not mean anyone involved in this corruption will not be investigated in the future.

  9. The whole point of an advertising hoarding at that site was to catch the attention of the millions of visitors leaving the Exhibition Centre lost to a tsunami of Tory stupidity. Passing drivers' focus is straight ahead so the ugly (income-generating) thing will now be a total waste of space: just like the planning clown that imagined the Centre would still be operational.


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