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Sunday, 14 June 2015


The Dame is in receipt of this embarrassing silliness....

Could it be the work of the Council's PR Dept?

The idea a Farmer's Market does any of the below is fantasy. 
Only the very rich, like the old Dame and friends can afford the super high prices of farmers' markets. 
And one loves Cllrs Spalding and Inane's idea farmers' markets allow the lower classes 'access to cheap fresh vegetables sold by yokels in smocks'.
The Dame would never dream of going to her local farmers' Market to be 'part of the community'....she's far too grand for that.
However, the Dame's idiot nephew, Ludo, is very excited by the idea. He and his two ex Bedales friends, Gervaise and Piers, are planning to take a stall selling what they describe as rustic 'artisan bread with a twist'. Goodness knows what it could be....

Potential Farmers’ Market for Earl’s Court
We are actively exploring the possibility, along with Council Officers, of bringing a regular Farmers’ Market to Earl’s Court. This would be similar to the popular market in Bute Street. At a time when local businesses are beginning to feel the
effect of the closure of the Exhibition Centre, we believe that a regular Farmers’ market would be greatly beneficial to Earl’s Court and would: 
  • Increase a sense of community and identity in the area;
  • Encourage local people to shop in Earl’s Court, feeding to businesses onward from the market itself;
  • Bring in shoppers from surrounding areas to shop at the market and elsewhere in Earl’s Court;
  • Provide regular, local, access to specialist fresh produce - there is a lack of permanent fresh produce shops in Earl’s Court at the moment as they are not currently economical;
  • Help to establish the Earl’s Court Road area as a vibrant hub so that footfall does not all migrate to the new development in future years.
We will keep you informed as discussions progress but please give us your feedback and any suggestions you may have about this proposal.


  1. This is a joke. Too many Councillors with not enough to do and too much money to spend. Dreaming. About trash.

    Just like Chelsea Care.

  2. Where would they have the market? The only place they could have had the market was in the forecourt of Earls Court Exhibition Centre but Malcolm Spalding is one of those Philbeach Gardens Tories that supported the demolishing of Earls Court.

    1. EC's forecourt is ear-marked to become the laughably named 'Exhibition Square.' Why not squeeze in a few stalls there next to the constant traffic jam of Warwick Rd? "Nothing beats the patina of diesel particulates on one's fennel, Fenella, or a lungful of toxins with one's organic spuds, Spaldz."

  3. This idea clearly demonstrates that the Earls Court Tories mostly wander round with their heads down, too afraid to speak to residents! If they did ever decide to notice their surroundings they would see that every second 'shop front' is a cafe or a pub? Marks and Spencer's or Sainsbury's. The oracles are now waking up to the fact that their decision to NOT fight the demolition of the Exhibition Centre is hitting the community. They were warned by residents....what a bunch of twits.

    1. no less than three local restaurants have recently been turned into estate agents. Another worries he'll have to close as the business has lost 50% due to lack of Earl's Court exhibition trade.

  4. "Increase a sense of community and identity in the area"? Irony is clearly beyond these two clueless councillors. As Capco's cheerleading poodles, craven Cons condemned the very community asset that gave Earl's Court its unique ID, underpinning the area's success by attracting footfall by the millions and adding billions of pounds to the area to the benefit of the businesses they now feign concern for. "Inane" indeed!

  5. Unbelievable rubbish. Farmers' Market? we have enough of these already... Oh, those Farmers who claim to peddle 'organic' produce would be hard pushed to produce a certificate of origin.... Chile, Spain, Italy.. hardly English farmland... Bin the idea, I say...


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