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Thursday, 18 June 2015


In  a few weeks-unless there is a miracle, Mike Ashley will order in the wrecking ball to raze to the ground this magnificent piece of  Chelsea Victorian architecture.

The Council can make a fuss about the cultural value of some third rate opera company, yet encourage the destruction of this much loved Chelsea landmark.

The man behind this piece of vandalism is none other than the mysterious and rarely seen Mike Ashley. 
Ashley hates beauty and makes his money from the dreadful Sports Direct shops that blight our high streets.

125 people commented on the piece about the siting of Crossrail 2 and over 1000 read it. 
Most of you love Chelsea so please show that love by signing the petition to save it. You can CLICK here to do so.

In the meantime the Dame leaves you with this heartfelt plea from someone who signed the petition.

LORD H******** writes

Marlborough Primary School  (1878)   -   Chelsea SW3

The proposed demolition of this historic building in Chelsea is yet another amongst others in the Royal Borough over the past 5 to 10 years.

The proposed demolition is without question motivated by greed and financial gain of both private individuals and the Council, without regard to its impact on the local community, teachers, pupils, pupils' parents and their families, as well as to the heritage of the local community, which this building in part represents.

I am not an individual who, in principle, is against 'progress' - but in this particular instance, I do not categorize the demolition of a building of great beauty and historical significance as forward thinking, or wanted by the local residents, or respectful of future generations or necessary for any reason whatsoever.  This Council has already shown the public that it places financial gain before the feelings and rights of local residents as it is determined to rip out yet another landmark building from the very heart and soul of Chelsea.

Other projects in the borough involving beautiful Victorian buildings have allowed for interior renovations, upgrading them for 21st century living whilst preserving the original facade of the buildings, thereby maintaining the original 19th century beauty and character in Chelsea.  This could be achieved in this instance.

We don't demolish 19th century paintings or 19th century antique furniture or anything else for that matter, which is widely held to be beautiful and of important cultural and historical significance.

This proposed demolition of yet another beautiful Victorian building in Chelsea is a careless and disastrous error in judgement by the RBKC Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Lord Hxxxxxxx

London, 17 June 2015


  1. The spirit of John Betjeman18 June 2015 at 10:25

    This is a council that over the weekend-and before it was supposed to be listed, knocked down the magnificent town hall in Kensington.

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