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Friday, 4 April 2014


The Dame, being a kindly old soul, cares deeply about the potential financial plight of Cllr Sir Pooter Cockell. 
For the last fourteen years Pooter has been riding the local government gravy train hard and with great success.
But times may be changing. 

If he gets kicked out of Stanley ward he may have to go on Benefits....Or the Dame could put in a good word with Cllr Roe and get him a job as a Hula Hoop tutor at Westminster.....

Dame took the advice of her friend, ex Cllr Phelps and withdrew the suggestion Pooter might become a Hula Hoop tutor....

Westminster Council is advertising for Hula Hoop tutors and Ukrainian Egg Decoration teachers, paying £24.63 per hour, to work at the Westminster Adult Education Service. The Council has already sacked over 500 staff and made £100 million of cuts to front line services with further cuts of £80 million promised for the next four years.

These two appointments come after the Council decided to stop funding all full time places in its nursery schools and nursery classes from September 2015. In addition, the Council has scrapped its entire £350,000 Arts Budget because of Government cuts. The Council has also voted against Labour proposals to pay all staff the London Living Wage, including those working for contractors.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said;

“At first I thought this was an April Fool joke. It beggars belief that Westminster Conservatives are actually advertising for hula hoop tutors and Ukrainian egg decoration teachers at the same time as they are sacking staff, slashing funding to local nursery schools and have scrapped the entire Arts budget. The Council claims that it is so strapped for cash that every new job is scrutinised by leading Conservative Councillors, so there can be no dodging responsibility for these bizarre appointments. Why are they paying hula hoop tutors over £24 an hour when they won’t pay staff looking after the elderly and vulnerable the £8.80 an hour London Living Wage?”


  1. Another bias piece direct from the Labour party... sorry..... Hornet

    1. What does this have to do with Labour? It is a Tory job advert!!!

  2. Kensington Resident4 April 2014 at 15:57

    I thought it was K&C that had the pox. But it seems to be in Westminster as well. Maybe it is the Tories that are the problem. I wonder if UKIP would adveretise for hoola hoop operators?

  3. WCC and RBKC are political twins born of mindless voting along class lines. However WCC residents are wise enough to elect a skilful and vociferous political Opposition. Regardless of one's personal political view, this is good for democracy. The Rotten Borough barely has an Opposition. The Dame is all we have. Thank you Dame and good luck to the Kensington Residents.


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