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Friday, 4 April 2014


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The Chelsea Independent trio are snapping at the heels of those three indolent and ineffectual Stanley ward councillors. Warrick and Pascall never hold surgeries and Pooter Cockell is so busy grabbing as many allowances as possible he is never seen in the ward. 
Soon he will be able to get his RBKC pension: an outrage when you consider that this ex fag salesman has taken nearly £1 million from the taxpayer, over the years.
Most residents have no idea that some of their councillors are paying themselves tens of thousands of pounds a year.


  1. Good luck to them

  2. Fly On The Wall4 April 2014 at 20:52

    For the first time in many years Pooter Cockle is having sleepless nights

  3. Apart from Pooter, who else fails to represent the Stanley residents?

  4. Pascall and Warrick...Warrick cannot go out in the daylight hours

  5. The sitting councillors in Stanley Ward are a tired lot. Time for a refresh. The trio above look motivated and local. They should be given a chance

  6. Just went to pick up a copy of the K&C Chronicle and saw one of our local Conservative apparatchiks emptying out the stand of all copies. Either the local Conservative party is throwing itself behind the Independents or they are beginning to panic.

  7. May we have full details of the £1 million that Cockell has taken from the taxpayer over the years?

    As a resident of Stanley ward, I have found that he ignores my e-mails requesting representation. The £1million doled out to Cockell is hardly value for money something which every good Tory voter demands. In complete contrast to Cockell, I understand that even the disgraced, Tory, Shirley Porter was very good at responding to residents' requests for representation when she was Leader of Westminster.

    It is a pity that the Independent Trio have not mentioned Cockell's money grabbing in their election campaign material. If they had done so, I think the voters of Stanley would give Cockell the bum's rush. The good Tory voters of Stanye ward dislike Social Security scroungers and I suspect would equally dislike those on board the gravy train funded at their expense.It is a pity that the Dame is not political because I am sure that the Dame's good office would put paid to Cockell once and for all.

    I did not know that Cockell sold fags in a former life- please tell us more.

    1. Come on Dame. tell us about the £1million

  8. Disgusted of Stanley Ward11 May 2014 at 07:02

    Stanley Voter is right. Hope the Independent Trio will be able to tell voters in Stanley all about Cockell's claiming at their expense before election day. They will need to get a move on because postal votes are now being sent out. It would be tragic if postal voters cast their ballots without knowing about Cockell's claims.

  9. Will the Dame please tell us more about the fag salesman?

    The Tory Election address says that all of the Tory Candidates have had "proper" jobs. In the Dame's opinion, is selling carcinogenic substances a proper job .

  10. 03/07/14. I kive in Stanley ward. Today I was advised that the three councillors, Will Pascall, Paul Warwick and SIR Merrick Cockell do not hold surgeries in their ward. I then enquired as to who does hold surgeries in my ward to provide the information and assistance I require. No one! Shocking. No wonder people are not voting!


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