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Saturday, 19 April 2014


Rare picture of the Dame
The Dame has been accused of being a blind supporter of the Royal Marsden and refusing to air the other side of the argument.
This reader has challenged the Dame and made some interesting points.....

by email

Dear Dame

It is quite clear that you have backed the Royal Marsden without even bothering to consider the position of the Brompton. 
You claim not to be taking sides, but so far all the blogs have been anti Brompton.

I want to make two very important points and ask the Marsden to comment...

1. The Marsden was offered the Fulham wing at the cost that the Brompton would get for selling it, and turned it down.
They have turned it down several times.

2. The Marsden does not want to expand its hospital for community use, they want to expand it for private patients, this is not the use that the new rules are trying to promote.  This would not be used by the community at all: they want a new hospital for PRIVATE patients. That's all well and good but then don’t play the community card!
If the intention is to run the Fulham Wing as a Private Patient facility then why not get a health insurer like BUPA to fund the purchase?

Fulham wing is a very old bit of the Brompton hospital. It would need to be totally gutted and converted into flats.  
This is too expensive to do for social housing, particularly if you consider the historic nature of the building and the refurbished building opposite which does provide housing.   
If the Brompton is not able to sell for market value it will just not sell it and mothball the building:if they do then there is a gain for nobody.
The Marsden is being unreasonable, rather than coming to the Brompton with a fair price or deal they have said no to any negotiations and gone to the Press.

I end by saying that The Brompton is stupidly not using its right to reply, however, people shouldn't believe everything  the Marsden is saying!

Yours sincerely

xxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. If that's the Dame I'm Matthew Palmer

  2. It is utter rubbish and a blatant lie for Brompton to suggest that the Marsden intend the wing to be for private patients use only. How dare they propagate such lies

    1. I'm sure the Marsden will be more than happy to clarify the situation if that is indeed a blatant lie.

    2. Dear Dame
      There has been a lot of confusion and misleading information about the Brompton’s plans. Both the Brompton and the Marsden are part of the Chelsea community. The Fulham Wing is community land. The Brompton is adopting the worst tactics of a property spiv/speculator. Get poor old gullible and simple Jonathan Bore to grant planning consent to turn community land into housing for uber-rich. Maximise the value by not having any affordable housing. Tell Bore that you need every penny to modernise the hospital when in fact the construction figure have been overstated and you intend to use part of the proceeds for ongoing expenses not construction costs and part to modernise the Harefield, that has nothing to do with K&C. Tell everyone that you are willing to sell the Fulham Wing at ‘valuation’, passing over the fact that ‘valuation’ means legging over the Planning Department to grant consent for uber-rich housing to finance the reconstruction when in fact you want it as a property spec. Give the Planning Department a £200,000 bung to oil the wheels. Nice one Bob and Robert.

    3. And of course the Brompton will also use a material portion of its new hospital for private patients!

  3. Who is the idiot who wrote this blog? Since when have Private Patients NOT been part of the community? What is the nonsense about market value of the land? It is zoned for medical use and therefore has little market value. It cannot be used for luxury housing unless Bore and his mates change the rules and sign it off. Creating £400 million value at the stroke of a pen. And then the new Mercedes and Croatian Villa kicks in. And BUPA no longer funds hospitals - they just sold the Cromwell.

    The Dame has been "had"

    1. That's not the Dame in the picture. It is the Princess Royal. We have all been "had"

  4. I am rather afraid 'tis I who is to blame. The Dame is taking a well deserved break at her modest abode in Portofino and left me 'holding the fort'. Absentmindedly, I took a photograph of her dear friend, the late Queen Mary from the family album, rather than auntie, the Dame

  5. The reality is that both the Brompton and the Marsden subsidise NHS patients with income from private patients. I have no idea what the Marsden's plans are for the Fulham Wing, private or NHS but this smear is all part of the Brompton's misinformation plan. The Marsden is short of beds and is having to turn away patients. If the Marsden cannot treat private patients, it would not have enough money to treat NHS patients. If the Marsden cannot secure the Fulham Wing more NHS patients will die needlessly from their cancer. Do the Board and the Governors of the Brompton want to have that on their conscience? Do you want to have that on your conscience. Does J Bore want to have that on his conscience?

    1. Fly On The Wall20 April 2014 at 08:40

      Bore does not have a conscience. He is a robotic box ticker

    2. "Mr" Bore please, Fly On The Wall. Have some respect for your superiors - you insect

    3. Fly On The Wall20 April 2014 at 08:45


  6. It is simply not the case that the Marsden plan to only use the building for private patients. As others have said they are already turning patients away and by having the Fulham Road Wing they will be able to increase their NHS care for Chelsea residents

  7. This smacks of Holland Park School style corruption. Greed trounces the community, unless the community bites back.

    J Bore is anything but mindless; he's a very canny operator. He says exactly what people want to hear. As he leaves the room, he's afflicted by permanent amnesia.

  8. Strangely asinine unsubstantiatable disinformation - only two points and both of them wrong.
    1. The Brompton has never 'offered the Fulham wing' to the Marsden, especially not at a 'Community and Social Use' value.
    2. Though there will be space for private patients (who help subsidise both the Brompton and the Marsden) the majority of it will be taken up by shared equipment, NHS beds and laboratory space for the Institute of Cancer Research.
    Oh and this whole controversy is because the Marsden want to offer a 'fair price' - at 'Community Use' rates
    Do carry on though.


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