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Monday, 14 April 2014


If you live in Chelsea Green and see a lost looking chap studying a map offer to maybe a rare sighting of Sir Pooter Cockell.....odd that it comes just before an election, but it must be one of life's coincidences....
Pooter Cockell has been told by Jonathan Fragrant-Howells, Association agent and part time Spanish hotelier, to get out and meet the locals: something Pooter has always felt to be beneath him.

Fragrant-Howells instructed Pooter to go and visit Sutton Buildings and pretend to be interested in what residents have to say.

The problem is that Pooter and Fragrant-Howells detest each other and Pooter is suspicious that he may be being 'set up' and likely to be set upon by residents worried their much loved homes are to be torn down.

The Dame advises Pooter to be wary of the machinations of Fragrant-Howells......


  1. What is that weird mini fringe on Fragrant's barnet? Time he paid Schumi a visit

  2. There is absolutely no point; Cockell has been given a Whip’s dispensation to pretend that he is concerned about the demolition and "regeneration" of the Sutton Estate and also about the Royal Brompton proposals. But NPB has already made it clear that he supports the demolition of Sutton as it is “no longer fit for purpose” – the usual excuse they come up with; and the Council has already taken the money to press the Royal Brompton’s case over the Royal Marsden’s. So Sir Merrick will go through the motions of pretending to be concerned about his residents’ interests, safe in the knowledge that he will get absolutely nowhere. The key thing is just to get past the May elections and be returned to office.

    1. Nice bit of dishonesty there. Looks like all our "dear leaders" are cast from the same corrupt mold.

  3. Oh yes, I'm sure Cockle will be able to work his 'charms' on the old dears of Sutton Estate, he will have them eating out of his hand.


  4. Cockle in a pickle

  5. I disagree with the comments of Anon 14th April 22.10. There is every point in the Kensington Society and others publicly and repeatedly stating the proper, democratic position on these matters. In doing so they highlight the level of corruption at the heart of the Rotten Borough.


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