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Friday, 25 April 2014


Eric Pickles huffs and puffs about councils using taxpayer's money to fund  'newspapers'.
As usual, he is ignored
But RBK&C has not just ignored Fat Eric: they have slapped him in his ample chops by using the front page of the unreadable Royal Borer to tell residents a lot of bilge about saving money.(like spending £100 million on a school that could have been built for £30 million)
It's even more ironic when set against the cost of publishing this embarrassing rubbish. 
At the last count it cost around £150,000 a year to produce Royal Borer.
But it does keep the nine strong £460,000 a year PR team busy.
A furious candidate wrote to LeVerne Parker, the Chief Solicitor, complaining about the blatant use of the Borer for electioneering purposes. 
In her first paragraph Miss Parker tries to rationalise the misuse of the Borer, but in the final paragraph admits to guilt, assuring the candidate all copies would be removed from Council premises! 
However, her boss, Tony Redpath, countermanded her instructions and ordered the immediate reinstatement of the about right and left hands......

Dear Mr xxxxxxxx

Thank you for your email.

As with any Council publication, the latest edition of the Royal Borough Newsletter was published having regard to both the relevant legislation on local authority publicity and the code of recommended practice on local authority publicity. The code is the document issued by the Secretary of State which we discussed when we spoke on the telephone.

The Council buildings from where the newsletter could be picked up have been checked and I understand that no copies remain. The libraries are also been checked and, where any copies remain, these will be removed.


LeVerne Parker
Chief Solicitor and Monitoring Officer
Bi-Borough Legal Services


  1. Very sad to read this. It is election time and the Tory controlled Borough is spinning like mad. Apprenticeship schemes, council tax cuts etc etc. It would be so easy to elevate the electioneering to a more meaningful level. For example by abandoning the £1 million a year subsidy to Holland Park Opera.

    1. If only the residents had the energy and determination to take on this rotten Administration by complaining to the Local Govt Ombudsman. But apathy reigns and the corrupt Tory Administration knows that it can just carry on with all its nonsense

  2. I read that the Lib Dems are on the skids nationally. In every major City where they fought last time, their candidate numbers are down by about 50%. Hasten the day.

  3. The fate of the Lib Dems nationwide is hardly relevant to K & C politics. However, Ms Parker's letter is truly astonishing. RBKC can't give a straight answer to a question about the day of the week.

  4. I think the Tories may have a problem getting their tradiitonal voters out this time round. I think a lot of residents are sick and fed up of the attitude and inexperience of many of the Tory Councillors; far too many serious issues are not being dealt with head on and are just brushed under the carpet. In my view this is simply not good enough.

  5. LeVerne Parker is the Mistress of obfuscation. It was her who provided a smokescreen of cover for many months for soon to be disgraced ex Cllr Phelps until the Dame took her on and battered her to the ground. Incredible that this hopeless solicitor lives on to continue with her dry ice activities. When will Hammersmith take her out?

  6. Why would Hammersmith wish to take her out? She seems perfect for the role!

    It is extraordinary that Redpath could overrule her; does he have legal training? I don't think so. The whole matter stinks to high heaven and is bringing the borough into disrepute - again.

  7. The Royal Borer is a propaganda organ for the Tores - funded by Labour and Lib Dem residents. Fraser-Howells is laughing all the way to the bank. Again.

  8. LeVerne Parker (Ms) is K&C "compliant". She is unemployable elsewhere.

  9. What kind of person is Tony Redpath? Could the Dame tell us?

  10. Mr. Redpath has no authority to over-rule Mrs. Parker. Mrs. Parker's legal ruling was correct. It is Mr. Redpath who is the Tory poodle; Mrs. Parker is just doing her job. The candidate who complained must now refer this to Mr. Holgate, the Town Clerk and Chief Executive.

  11. Dearest Dame, brilliant expose as always, but I'm afraid you missed the best bit of the front page, which is just above the headline and says 'The Royal Borough goes to the polls' with a pic of a ballot box, so people have that in mind while they pore through the so very interesting and entirely balanced pages of what they call 'news'.

    The candidate involved might as well write to Eric Pickles, God and the devil at the same time as; sorry to say it will have as much effect, though you will get a courteous response from Holgate. But you must pursue this!

  12. Rumour has it that there may be a legal challenged on this matter. I do hope so, the Tories have got away with producing this blatant propaganda at taxpayers' expense for far too long.

  13. Many other local authorities have decided to freeze their Council tax next year. They don't however decide to make a song and dance about it smack in the middle of the election period (official start date, according to the Council website: 14th of April!).

    Someone at the Council really needs to take a hard long look at what they're doing. This is all far too symptomatic of a true rotten borough. Is this really what they want the Royal Borough to be known for? It's all far to reminiscent of a banana-republic.

  14. It appears that Labour's allegation that the £100 refund was little more than bare-faced electoral bribery has legs ...

  15. I did hear once that the council computer system is not programmed to make refunds. It has to be done by hand, costing a fortune in clerical time.

    1. I don't know if it's done by hand or not. It does however involve someone sticking a cheque in the post!


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