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Thursday, 10 April 2014


 When residents come to vote in Stanley Ward they should bear in mind the views of the chairman expressed here in red. Reading Cllr Warricks' views on planning it comes as no surprise residents feel downtrodden. 
It took courageous young Cllr Mosley to break ranks and side with residents.

Cllr Warrick, has form for lack of interest in those he represents: it's pompously articulated in his response to this resident.
Worse still, is the fact that Conservative members of the Committee are told, pre the meeting, how they should vote!
Cllr Warrick is telling us that the Planning Committee jumps when told to by officers! 

Or, as one friend of the Dame commented...., 1, we are told to obey officers ADVICE (nb, advice is not the same as instruction).
2, I find it quite extraordinary that Warrick believes we don't make Council policy. Who does then?

'Members are expected to take advice from officers and to follow the law.

 We take account of Council policy, but we do not make that policy.'

Dear Mr xxxxx,  

Thank you for your email addressed to members of the RBKC planning committees which I chair.
It is worth pointing out that the job of these committees is to
consider applications which come before them.

Members are expected to take advice from officers and to follow the law.
We take account of Council policy, but we do not make that policy.

When councillors sit on either committee they act in
that special context which used to be described as
quasi-judicial.   It will often be the case that
members agree with some of the points you make. They may
regret the effects of Planning Law, and they may hope that the Council’s submission to the Inspectorate will succeed,
but if they believe that a basement application is compliant
with law and policy it will be granted. You write that
members and officers are frightened of applying Council
policies in case applicants appeal and the Council is
ordered to pay costs. Perhaps you meant to write
“frightened of not applying”, because we do apply our
policies.  You exhort us to be brave and
refuse applications whether or not they are compliant. None
of us would do that; it would lead to uncertainty, loss of
reputation and influence in the planning world, and would as
well be pointless. These wealthy buyers you refer to would
appeal or judicially review us and they would
succeed.  By all means draw attention to the
consequences of existing law and policy, and to weaknesses
and improvements as you see them. But you may also consider
supporting this Council when it seeks change in law and
policy to improve the local planning regime – and, as in
recent months, to resist Central Government proposals to
change the planning regime in ways which would weaken powers of this authority.   

I have added Mr Bore and Mr Stallwood to the cc. list and they will ensure your comments in this letter are included as objections to the two applications at its head. I also copy to Cllr Coleridge the relevant Cabinet member.  
Yours sincerely,      
Cllr Paul Warrick  


  1. What claptrap. This is a Councillor in denial. A person who is oblivious of the mess that he presides over and intent on puffing up his own self importance. What a sanctimonious and condescending reply from silly Warwick to the poor muppet.

  2. Cllr Warwick seems to feature often on the Hornet. A dangerous habit. Pooter Cockle behaved badly and became the focus for the Dame's fury. And look where he ended up.

  3. Retired Chief Exeutive10 April 2014 at 09:05

    The Planning System in K&C seems to have drifted into a very bad place. Authority has been abdicated by Councillors, the bureaucrats are in control, there is no strategy and vision, and political action is nowhere to be seen, There was one thing that Marx got right. "Economic analysis determines political action". But Hornton Street seems incapable of carrying out economic analysis. Collectively, Councillors and Officers do not seem to understand the knock on effects of rising property values. It is all about tuning up to work, ticking boxes and collecting a pay cheque. In business, this state of affairs always signals that it is time for a clear out.

    1. Can one expect anything better after fourteen years of the Cockell dictatorship?

  4. WARRICK'S NEIGHBOUR10 April 2014 at 09:05

    Paul is a very sad little fellow whose one law firm he runs with wifey just about scrapes a profit. He enjoys being a councillor so he can throw his weight around.
    Sad little chump!

    1. Paul and wifey love dressing up in Bermuda shorts and cruising Kensington in the beemer.

    2. Warwick? Off with his head.

  5. Cllr Mosley is a loss. He is fed up and will not stand again at the local elections. Leaders need to listen to protest very carefully because it is a powerful insight to the need for action. Has Cllr Paget-Brown understood what this young Turk was protesting about? Is Cllr Paget-Brown man enough to act?

    1. Dear 09.16, I think we know the answer to that. NPB is NOT man enough to take on this or indeed anything. He is much more comfortable being photographed next to pigs in Holland Park or standing on a floral lawn. He is a decent person but not a Leader.

  6. I am told that councillors were invited to a recent seminar in order to understand about planning. At that seminar they were told quite firmly by Mr. Bore that they must not vote against officers' recommendations. Given how close some planning officers are to a number of major developers, we have to wonder whether there is something unpleasant going on here.


  7. Oh I do miss Mrs Thatcher. Can you imagine her reaction if she was told by an Officer to toe the line?

  8. As ever in the Rotten Borough, it's`'follow the money."

    Cllr Warwick's comments confirm that the rich can obtain planning permission for exactly what they want, because they can afford to appeal; whereas less affluent residents are refused permission for their more modest projects. Such an attitude leads to systemic corruption.



    1. Thank you Cllr really are a vulgar piece of work.

    2. What the hell is this about?

  10. In response to 11.49, much as I admire EDC, I do not share her political views. She is not me. I commented from first hand experience of the corruption in the planning system.

  11. Edc- voice of reason and integrity on the council

  12. In a public meeting of 50 people Cllr Ahern said he had a disagreement with a local resident, he used the phrase "The only bitch I have with you..."

    At that point Cllr Dent Coad got up and objected to the use of the word "Bitch"

    Ahern pointed out that it was the dictionary use of the word and the audiance agreed. Dent Coad looked a fool and crawled back under her rock.

    1. I laughed at the meeting, she did look a complete T*T

    2. These words, ladies and gentlemen, are written by elected Councillors of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

    3. Another example of casual, everyday misogyny - Ahern you should be ashamed of yourself.

    4. The poor man probably thought he was being 'street' and 'cool' by using slang. He actually said 'The only bitch I have with you - if I might use that word without being offensive'; he knew perfectly well he might cause offence.

      His inner bloke is still saying 'can't anyone take a joke?' 'lighten up' and 'get over yourself'.

      I believe they're looking for candidates for UKIP, he'd fit in very well there.

  13. Cllr Dent Coad is an excellent councillor regardless of her party politics. It's tragic that RBKC does't have another 50 like her. Returning to the issue, this thread concerns Cllr Warwick's astonishingly damaging admission that conservative councillors routinely let officers dictate planning committee decisions. This is a scandal demanding resignations at the very least.

    1. 50 Cllr Dent Coads - its called Newham

  14. This is all starting to sound like Hammersmith

  15. I have just studied the Dame's picture of Cllr Warwick. I could not do business with that man.

  16. Kensington Resident11 April 2014 at 07:42

    What a condescending letter from Cllr Warwick to his poor resident. No empathy, no warmth, no compassion. Just a naked exercise of power. "I am right, you are wrong. And you are irrelevant". This is what happens when small men are given authority. And the evil is multiplied when the small men exist in a monopoly.

    We never needed the Dame more than we do now

  17. None of this surprises me any more. I recently sat through an evening of planning committee appeals. What a farce! Even the most egregious applications seemed to get the go-ahead, with no account taken of actual residents' views. The whole evening was an immensely depressing experience and ultimately a complete waste of time. The planning department does seem to be entirely out of control, doing just as it pleases and Councillor Warrick's reference to 'wealthy buyers' is absolutely appalling.


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