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Saturday, 27 April 2013



The Dame, being mondaine, is frequently asked advice on matters of ethics, etiquette and how to behave in polite society so was not surprised to be asked for advice.
No, it was not a question about what to wear at a First Night....though the Dame gets many such demands....her being invited to many grand occasions.
Here's the question. Let's hope that by June Cllr Paget-Brown is still Deputy Leader.....the way things are going it might be Danny 'Boys' or Rocky doing the inviting!

Dear Dame
Many Councillors will have been faced with a terrible dilemma on receiving this invitation from Opera Holland Park. Should they attend in black tie or evening dresses and lap up the free drinkies and opera? Should they bring a guest and pay a whopping £67.50! If they do attend, do they have to declare in Members' Interests that they have received a humungous £67.50-worth of freebies from the Council?
So perhaps dear Dame, you would like to ask Leadership candidates for their views on the matter? I'm sure many Councillors would appreciate their guidance.
An Admirer


  1. Well this is just typical of Cockell regime. Only the favoured few Councillors received this grubby perk. Cockell provided this sort of perk for his chosen.

  2. What we need is a noisy demonstration (whistles, football rattles,etc,)outside Holland House on the First Night of this season's Holland Park Opera to highlight these injustices.

    1. Absolutely right; how about encouraging the peacocks to show their disapproval as well!

  3. Surely the council should be prioritising it's allocation of tax payers money more fairly and prudently than supoorting this extravagence in Holland Park anyway. This is a time of great difficulty for those less well off in the Royal Borough and it is they who should be top of list rather than inviting free loaders who in truth can afford to pay out of their own pocket to attend this event if they so wish. This reminds me of Marie Antoinette and Paris in 1789 and "let them eat cake".


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