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Tuesday, 23 April 2013



No tears will be shed for the going of this man. He represented all that was wrong with local government....from his vast salary and platinum pension to his 'close protection' of Merrick Cockell.
Everything that needs to be said of Myers is in his comment justifying Cockell's use of the Bentley, "it saves taxi fares."
One thing Myers is not is stupid. He clearly sees that the Tri Borough experiment is not working and wants to get out from!
Let's hope for all our sakes he is replaced by a someone of our excellent Town Clerk, Nicholas Holgate.

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Subject: Joint Chief Executive position

I am today telling my staff that I have indicated that with a new Leader in LBHF last May and a new Leader for RBKC this May I think the Council should have the option to start the process of finding a new Joint Chief Executive after the new Leader of RBKC is chosen.
This is something the Administration Committee in RBKC will have to consider. The upside is that a successor could be hired on a more modest salary and would no doubt bring new energy and ideas to our joint and separate work.
I have very much enjoyed working with Cllr Nick Botterill in H&F and , though I cannot guess who will succeed Sir Merrick, I will look forward to helping that new Leader get established in K and C. My work for both councils has been a total joy, and I have a very strong senior team.
But I have been a London CE for about 16 years and that’s a lot longer than most and no-one should try to go on too long. I agree with Sir Merrick’s comments at the last RBKC Council meeting  that a good Leader-Chief Executive partnership helps councils succeed and I think the two new Leaders in my two boroughs deserve the chance to appoint their own woman , or man.
If my offer is accepted, then my guess is the handover will happen towards the end of 2013.
There is much to do this year so I intend to contribute fully up to my last day.
Derek Myers
Joint Chief Executive
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


  1. As one rat jumps ship... I suspect this one is doing so as Cockells cupboards are about to be opened, he is probably one of a select few who actually know whats been stored in them and as usual none of them will take responsibility. Good riddance.

  2. The code is clear. The Tri Borough is unworkable and is going nowhere. People like Myers do not leave £250k a year without a job to go to.

  3. Mike More from Westminster is also resigning. There is DEFINITELY something up. Owl is quite possibly right!

  4. If the Tri Borough means anything this is the time to merge and appoint a single political Leader

  5. Silly 12.44, you can't replace two CEOs with a political leader, what are you like? Anyway they are running away from their failures, don't you know that?

    OPEN YOUR EYES and read the runes. Triborough is a very costly failure.

  6. Who will know where the bodies are buried after they are all gone? it looks increasingly risky for Cockell to seek re-election to the Council in 2014 as he will be the only one left to be fingered when it all goes pear-shaped.

  7. Myers and Cockell were the original Local Government "power couple". Cockell gave his CEO a £250k salary and the CEO allowed his Leader use of the Bentley to "save taxi fares". Unfortunately Freedom Of Information found them both out.

  8. The Triborough problem which Myers has sussed is that H&F will go Labour.....that will cause a headache

    1. This was always the case that H&F will return to Labour. The Tri Borough was a self seeking PR opportunity for Cockell in further pursuit of a place in the House Of Lords. The failure of strategy, planning and implementation was spelled out buy the Dame (and followers) many moons ago.

    2. Its in meltdown, no one knows whats going on, its an absolute mess. People are fed up with the way the Tories have behaved nationally especially when dealing with vulnerable people such as the elderly.

      Locally there is utter confusion in each of the Boroughs, residents are told one thing and officers are all driving a triborough. They have yet again lied to the residents who they are supposed to 'work' for and continue to waste our money on something we did not vote for. But now they have a problem which is Hammersmith will go Labour and Kensington and Chelsea will be rattled by UKIP.

      The only person who can sort this mess out in a clear and honourable fashion is Victoria Borwick because she is intelligent enough, and can get her message across quickly.

  9. The more I think about the tri-borough the more I think it is an incredibly silly idea. Fine in some respects if you have three strong Tory controlled councils. Unfortunatley, H&F will always be one of those boroughs which will swing from Tory to Labour and back again. Whoever thought this one up did not examine every angle and I am afraid that it yet another example of things not being thought through properly by Sir Merrick and Mr Myers. I really wonder about the fairness and transparency in the election system when I see that these two have been making a very good living out of the local government and yet have not been doing their jobs properly. Deadful situation; time for real change.

  10. I wish for the day that everybody irrespective of their background had an equal chance of representing the community as a councillor. Sadly, in the case of RBK&C it has always been a nod and a wink; this again is unacceptable and should cease. Sir Merrick abused the system and the result is that a number of the Councillors are far too inexperienced or under qualified.

  11. Before the tri-borough mess is cleared up, K & C residents may be glad of their £170 million sitting in the bank. It's likely that much of it will be needed to unwind an arrangement that was doomed from the start. It was always patently obvious that H&F would return to Labout sooner or later. In the event, it will be sooner. It's equally evident that rather than reducing levels of management, in practice tri-borough has inflated the bureaucracy while reducing efficiency. So the rats are fleeing.

  12. Nice of Myers to admit that his salary was too high. We need a similar system to parliament, a petition with enough signatures should get the issue debated in the council chamber.

  13. Borwick are you standing?


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