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Friday, 19 April 2013


The Dame happened to be at Tfl getting her Freedom Pass when she passed Daniel Moylan's palatial office.
Being a nosy old thing she could not resist a little eavesdropping. 
Danny Boys was on the blower to Conservative councillors using his 'Oirish' charm to persuade them to back him. 

Moylan, as leader, should terrify them.  
He is a divisive character and will do great harm to the reputation of the Council.
He is deeply unpopular with officers who resent his bullying and abrasive ways. 

As the Standard reported, "Moylan’s departure will bring relieved smiles at the LLDC"
It would seem he was not Mr Popular there either!

Danny Boys needs a campaign manager and it would seem the logical job for 'Squeaker' Lightfoot...him being an old business partner of Danny 'Boys'.

For residents,Moylan is the man never to be forgotten for attempting to bulldoze their beloved Sloane Square. 
You can be sure that he will be re-visiting that little project.....

If ever he became leader residents may be certain he would treat them with his usual contempt.

A great leader achieves goals, not by reducing staff to tears, but by getting results through inspiration and encouragement: Moylan does neither.

It will be an act of great stupidity if councillors take his leadership ambitions seriously.

One of the major complaints of our ex Prime Minister, Pooter Cockell, was that he was rarely ever in Hornton St. 
Most of the time was spent on his other lucrative jobs.

Daniel Moylan would be no different: He collects £110,000 as Aviation adviser, plus £12,000 as TfL board member. With the £65,0000 as leader he would be able to seriously expand his Thai estates! He is just another local government entrepreneur!

This council needs a leader who will have the respect of fellow councillors,residents and staff…..

Daniel Moylan is not that man.


  1. The Dame sure knows to kick 'em in the goolies!

  2. Once more, the finger points to Cllr Mills

  3. Oh no! Not the bus drivers son. Please

  4. Supporter Of Moylan19 April 2013 at 18:44

    An Oxford educated bus drivers son. Please

    1. what is the difference? He still behaves like a B'rum peasant. You can take etc etc

  5. Person Familiar With The Situation19 April 2013 at 18:44

    He has got Buckmaster's vote

    1. Hahahahaha Yes, well he would get the 'confirmed bachelor vote wouldn't he?

  6. Knocking Hornton Street into shape is a serious business. You do not have to like the people that you work with but if they are efficient, focused and effective then that is better then the stuff of the last 14 years. Moylan gets results. And the Borough needs results. Sometimes he is rude. So what? It is usually to idiots. And there are too many of them around

    1. Rubbish....
      He is rude and contemptuous to everybody. Ask yourself this question before pontificating.
      If he is so damned clever why has his business and local political life been so lacklustre and unimpressive.
      Bullies bully because they are usually frightened little people. As the Dame says he is not leadership material

    2. Moylan would bring greater shame to the Borough than even Cockell managed to achieve. And, that is saying quite something!
      To those with influence, please keep this vile bully away from the reins at Horton Street.

    3. Sadly if the leader were to be Cllr. Moylan, every employable officer would leave - sooner rather than later and that would be all of them!

  7. If he could get rid of the boring Mr Bore, Moylan would do everybody a service

    1. It is very much worse than that. J Bore has no sensitivity about K&C. He lives, like most of his officers, a long way out of Central London. He does not come to Planning Meetings because it takes him a long time to get home. The Department is not fit for purpose, the officers are not interested in residents and the Planning Committee is composed of poor quality Councillors who have little or no idea of what they are doing.

  8. What we need from the Candidates is a few manifestos

    Attitude to Basement Excavations?
    Attitude to Holland Park Opera?
    Attitude to Artists In Residence?
    Attitude to a Cabinet Post for "Civil Society"?
    Attitude to SRA's?
    Attitude to Term Of Office for Leader?

    Lets see some democracy in action. Residents are tired of dead men's shoes and buggins turn

  9. In the fashion of K&C, interested parties are furiously taking soundings to find out what support they may have. The objective is to avoid an election at all costs and settle this opportunity in a "gentlemanly" fashion. This approach is deeply flawed against the background of sustained self interest and corruption that was the hallmark of the Cockell administration. What is required is an open and transparent competition with candidates declaring what they stand for and Conservative Councillors voting for the Leader who they think matches the aspirations of their residents

  10. Elephant With Long Memory20 April 2013 at 09:00

    Everyone, and Sloane Square residents in particular, should remember that when Moylan was defeated with his madcap ideas about Sloane Square, he retorted that "this is only a temporary setback and I will get my way in the end". Elephants have long memories

  11. Cockell appointed Moylan as Deputy Leader of K&C. A sop to the person who he defeated for the Leadership by a single casting vote by the Chairman. And a clever move by the Squatter to avoid future trouble. Moylan went on to alienate every Officer and fellow Councillor (with the exception of Cllr Buckmaster)to such an extent that there was a huge and collective sigh of relief when he pushed off to the GLA. True to form, he pissed off everyone there too and had to be moved from job to job. He is now in a side corridor, insulated from people and issues so that he can do no harm.

    If Moylan plans to stand as Leader in K&C then he should explain how he intends to moderate his behaviour.

  12. For information (it is so long since there has been a Leader's Election) the rules are:
    (i) every candidate needs a Proposer and Seconder
    (ii) closing date for nominations is Tuesday 23rd April
    (iii) Hustings on Tuesday 30th April
    (iv) Election on 22nd May by the Conservative Group of Councillors

  13. Those who are currently "taking soundings" are Cllr Ahern, Coleridge, Mellen, Elizabeth Campbell, Fiona Buxton and Lightfoot.

    1. What a line up!

      A bird-brain, a squeaker, a coker and the Inventor of Chelsea Care. Enough said

    2. No Moylan?


  14. Grateful Resident20 April 2013 at 09:49

    How wonderful it is to be rid of Cockell

  15. Yes, Moylan is taking soundings...Silly Lizzie Campbell....a joker in the pack

  16. Moylan would be far worse than Cockell. His arrogance and contempt for others know no bounds.

  17. I have personally met Daniel Moylan in a professional capacity and can honestly say that this man is the most disgustingly arrogant, rude, out of touch person you could ever meet. His manner is patronising and aggressive.
    Without lowering the tone any further; it's irrelevant the fact he is gay but when the story breaks in the future, few will be surprised as it's common knowledge in certain circles that he likes young boys


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