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Saturday, 27 April 2013


There is no councillor-Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem, who does not read the Dames' little jottings on daily life in the Rotten Borough.

With over 800 views a week her influence extends deep into every nook and cranny of the Borough. 
Though forbidden by Pooter even officers furtively log in to see what the wise old Dame is opining.

So it seemed sensible for the Dame to throw open her site to our leaders in waiting so they might press their case. 
Each candidate is allowed one thousand words to convince us they have the 'Right Stuff' come on...who is going to be first up?

The Dames’ readers will be allowed to pitch questions to candidates.
This is a chance for each to tell us of their plans-if  elected.

All candidates need do is send their ‘pitch’ to the Dame at her email address prominently displayed on the home page.


  1. I suggest the candidates do not participate with this request as the hornet as been rude about all of them

  2. Oh for goodness sake....this is being a namby pamby. And you might find the Dame has rarely been rude about Coleridge....except when he poured praise on Pooter.

  3. Found this elsewhere on the web...

    (article on top half of page 5 of a local English ex-pat newspaper in southern Spain).

    Very curious!

  4. In the context of the Royal Borough, that should presumably read "...every crook and nanny..." :)

    1. very funny....a few crooks and nanny's charges!


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