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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


My goodness....there are some envious residents out there judging from emails that have dropped into the Dame's email box.

Some of you have picked upon Mr Myers comment that he hopes his successor will be more 'modestly remunerated'. Well, yes it did seem a slightly odd observation to make.
Could he be feeling guilty? Doubtful....

But going to the meat of all those jealous comments...

It seems there are those of you have found out that when Mr Myers finally deserts the sinking ship at the year end he will depart, not just with his vast pension, but with many more lucrative public sector assignments in the offing.
Not for him retirement to some rose draped thatched cottage in the Home Counties: his plan is continue to raid the taxpayer for years to come. Watch out for news of his next appointment/s.

It's time this government got a grip on the rampant greed of local authority executives.
They are quite unemployable outside the cosy nest of the public sector and their pay should be commensurate with the narrow marketplace within which they operate.


  1. Outrageous that he can get such a pension

  2. Yet another example of why the private sector is fed up funding the public sector. I have said for sometime that there is far too much government in this country and yet the standards of behaviour in public office has never been lower. I would instigate a radical cut back across all government, probably starting at City Hall, Boris Johnson's Office, In fact I would follow Mrs Thatcher's lead when she abolished the GLC by abolishing City Hall. This would just be the start; some of the salaries/pay packages of senior management in local Government are obscene and have been out of control for far too long; for most tax payers completely mind boggling. Mr Myers was most certainly vastly over paid but who set his wages?

  3. Come on Dame, you promised that Fraser-Howells would let you in on the runners and riders for our next leader. We are waiting .....

  4. Myres was always self interested and greedy. Others may have been blamed for things like Chelsea Care but he was the driving force behind it. He had some mad notion that it would work although many people, this poster included told him it wouldn't. He ran rough shod over objections and drove it forward and in the end right over the edge of the cliff. It should never have started. Perhaps the costs could be recovered from his pension pot?

    He and Pooter were well suited and his departure was to be expected, too many bodies buried for him to stay and no doubt some councillors know something about them!


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