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Sunday, 28 April 2013


Ian Duncan-Smith tells rich pensioners- like the Dame-to hand back pensions, benefits et al to the government.

This is tantamount to giving an alcoholic drinking money

The Dame has a far more effective alternative....

.....give it to a councillor you trust(yes, there are a few) and ask them to use it as emergency funding for any resident in their ward in dire straits. It could be for a much needed holiday or clothes for the children.
So much more effective than handing it back to a bunch of fools.

The Dame gave her Winter Fuel Allowance(why would she need it when she winters on her island in the Bahamas?)
She was delighted to know that the councillor had been able to give direct aid to someone in great need in our Borough.


  1. What a great about Victoria Borwick and Emma Dent Coad setting up a fund to administer it?

  2. Ward councillors should be in touch with their residents. A great way to build "localism"

  3. Great idea similar to the 'suspended coffee' movement, pay ahead for someone who needs it. Don't give anything back to this government they will not use it for vulnerable people because they wouldn't recognise vulnerability even when it slaps them in the face especially Ian Duncan Smith.

  4. Good idea but one that creates yet more expensive bureaucracy. Staff and supervision will be needed to ensure a series of necessarily small new charities conform to the charity legislation etc.

    An alternative would be for residents to pass unwanted funds to certain well established charities. For example the Salvation Army knows which local residents are in genuine need and is geared to directing funds appropriately.

  5. Labour councillors are already having to give to residents in distress, generally by donating food to people who cannot afford to buy enough to last them for more than five days a week.

  6. Labour councillors won't have to do this for more than a couple of years - given the full on programme to remove poor people from the whole of the borough. Look at the new tenancy strategy, the LDF core strategy policy for housing and the changes to the housing revenue account that will allow the council to empty Trellick Tower, for example, and let all the flats at full market rents to the "strivers". Those they displace can be moved out to Peterborough. of course.

    What are the Kensington Labour Party actually doing to fight the onslaught of social cleansing that is about to sweep through the Rotten Borough?
    Pretty much sod all by the look of it.
    Why don't Labour use some of their influence and resources to highlight this heinous policy and make the new Leadership candidates give assurances that the poor and vulnerable will not be deported, wholesale, from Kensington and Chelsea to Manchester, Bolton, Peterborough, etc.
    As an idea, instead of Councillor Blakeman and her poodles attending the opening night of the Holland Park Opera with their Tory friends, why doesn't the Labour Party show some metal and organise a demonstration (whistles, football rattles, horns, etc) outside Holland House to show opposition to how the Council can justify spending local tax payers money on subsiding Opera for the rich while poor and vulnerable K and C residents face social cleansing of a near Fascist brutality because the Council claim they have no money.
    If this is too much effort for the Labour Opposition to organise, they could at least request guarantees from the current Tory Leadership contenders that they will not enforce a policy that will see families heartlessly uprooted and lives vindictively destroyed.
    Come on Labour, prove that you are actually an Opposition to these unprincipled Tory hooligans and show some fight for the residents who elected you!


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