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Thursday, 18 April 2013



In the Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle Cllr Coleridge opines about the Cockell years and its 'achievements'. If he really believes what he has written it should ring alarm bells for it implies that Coleridge will just 'follow his leader'

Tim, his outstanding 'achievement is having clung on to power for a record number of years, with none of you having the guts to challenge him....some achievement!
Oh yes, and forcing you all to pay him £1200 a week....another 'achievement'!
During the past 13 years he has dedicated himself to ensuring that the Royal borough remains one of the best councils in the country, both in service delivery and sound financial management. 
RBK&C is the UK's richest and the most compact borough. It is not the work of genius to ensure that basic services work
He has been an inspirational Leader ....
An inspirational leader is one who encourages a healthy 'gene pool' of potential successors. Anyone seen to threaten his rule was kept out of the Cabinet. Instead, he chose weak people to surround him
and the transformation of the provision of secondary education in the borough is down to his vision and determination, Holland Park School, the Chelsea Academy and soon the Kensington Aldridge Academy will be a lasting legacy to his time as Leader.
Tim, spending taxpayer's money on schools is not difficult...especially when you have over taxed residents so that £170 million of their money sits uselessly in reserves. Holland Park School breaks every one of the "Gove Rules"...Gove said no school should cost more than £38 million and should always add places. Holland Park School breaks both rules: it cost £100 million and adds not one extra place.
"He has always fought for residents interests first, and during these difficult financial times has ensured that services are protected by his innovative idea of sharing services and therefore costs, with our neighbouring boroughs. He will be a tough act to follow.
Tim, have you forgotten Sloane Square? You and Victoria Borwick bravely stood up against Cockell and his plans to destroy the Square. I think you might find that this was AGAINST the wishes of residents. Cockell only backed off when threatened with residents putting up their own candidates.
Residents continually complain Cockell ignores all letters from residents....unless, of course, they are from important people! With his double jobbing it is no surprise that he has no time for those who elected him.
"I am considering very carefully at the moment whether to stand for the Leadership."

You are starting to sound like the "muggins turn" candidate. Why not recognise the shortcomings of the past, acknowledge the reality of the present, and make some bold and imaginative proposals about how you would lead the Borough?


  1. What an opportunity for a No Confidence Campaign

    Cell: 07799647160

  2. Easy to see through the pathetic Coleridge bid for power. What he is in effect saying to the poodles is "support me or I will not stand". This is known in North Kensington as the "condom veneer".

    Grown men throwing their toys out of the pram is always a sad sight

    1. A lamentable day for the Royal Borough

    2. Another one.....

  3. As usual the Dame is on her razor blade. The internet is a new dimension to politics and at last there is something to make up for the failure of Labour to hold the profligate Tories to account

  4. Person Familiar With The Situation18 April 2013 at 14:55

    The young Conservative Councillors tell me that they have not so far been approached for their vote

    1. This is the swing vote, Cllr Mills

  5. If Coleridge gets a "good" feeling about his support he will no doubt cough up a huge cheque for the silver to flatter the departing Pooter. The gesture will leave the paupers Paget-Brown and Lightfoot gasping. But they can console themselves that the largesse derives from the Coleridge/Sturge rape of Lloyds Members.

  6. Hornet bloggers are such bitter people

    1. Unsurprising when one considers the way residents have been treated

  7. It is easy and indeed acceptable to be nice about the one on the way out. It doesn't mean he really meant it!

    1. Spoken like a true Labour Councillor!

  8. And what about all the money Cllr. Cockell spent misleading residents that there could be a Kensal Crossrail station? He admitted last night that it was a non runner. Labour pointed this out to him a couple of years ago but still he threw money at it. Now Boris will have to annexe the site for the Farrell grand design for Old Oak Common.

  9. Dear Dame,

    Some of us are unfamiliar with this Coleridge person. Please be kind enough to provide a mug shot of the miscreant and advise the ward in which he may be lurking. Thank you.


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