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Friday, 12 April 2013


Flooding in the Borough is of growing concern amongst residents. 

Flood risk is exacerbated  by the vast basement developments which disturb the water table and the paving over of gardens.
Lack of control over removing excess paving in new construction is yet another factor.

OnThursday 18 April between 10.30-12.00 a meeting will be held in Committee Room Two of the Civic Reception to discuss the Community Flood Plan

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  1. Is there any group which is fighting this madness of basement digging in the Borough? It seems like everybody wants to do it now. Absolutely crazy and is it safe? Two years ago a house nearly collapsed on Upper Phillimore Gardens because of underground digging next door. Yet, a year on, permission was given to excavate 2 floors under that house to build a swimming pool. Maybe we could use it instead of Holland Park school?


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