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Saturday, 27 April 2013



Just months ago the Daily Telegraph reported Daniel Moylan had been forced off the LLDC board after, members became frustrated by his maverick ways.  
It took members just three months to tire of him...if elected as leader of K&C how long will it take to tire of him?

In his manifesto Moylan claims that he is a changed man. 
He says,having been a backbencher for the last two years, he will become their champion.... if they elect him.
His claim to have changed will be greeted by guffaws from LLDC board members. Its members, most of whom were experienced businessmen, forced his removal.

The likes of Daniel Moylan are incapable of change. Positioning himself as a backbencher is a distortion of reality. Moylan was never at the Town Hall: he was too preoccupied with his lucrative jobs with Transport for London and the GLA.
In fact, not only did he neglect his duties as a councilor, but was invisible to those who elected him.

During his tenure as deputy leader and Cabinet member for planning Daniel Moylan treated fellow councilors, officers and residents with utter contempt so his manifesto will make unbelievable reading.
It expects fellow councillors to take much on trust, but the question they need ask is whether to trust that he has changed.....

The theme running through his manifesto is the need for a collegiate approach to running the Rotten Borough. 
Those who know Daniel Moylan understand consensus politics is anathema to him: dividing and ruling is the name of the Moylan game.

He cites de-cluttering of Kensington High Street as some momentous achievement, yet ignores the fact he was instrumental in the wasteful £28 million construction of Exhibition Rd and the £1 million ‘investment’ in Chelsea Care.

Worse, he takes us all for idiots in thinking we had forgotten his gross abuse of power over the Sloane Square debacle.
Interestingly, he cites the threat from Ukip. 
Yes, Ukip is a threat but having Moylan as a divisive leader will play directly into their hands.

Finally, he tells us that resident surveys will tell us what we want. 
Well, the Dame can tell him what we want....straightforward, cost effective delivery of services. 
You don't need expensive and easily manipulated surveys to understand that. 
But then Moylan used to love surveys which always turned out to support his madcap schemes.
Oh, and by the way how about returning the £170 million 'stolen' from taxpayers through overtaxation?




  1. Like it or not, Dame, Cllr Moylan is the only heavyweight contender for the Leadership. Not messing around. Out of the box first and laying out his beliefs. The dreadful Cockell announced over a month ago that he would not stand again and told his inner circle (Coleridge and Brown) even earlier. Hoping to give them a head start. But these useless individuals have been faffing around and left the field clear to those with energy who want the position

  2. The old guard have disqualified themselves by faffing. All at sea in a situation where something is not available on a plate. What the Borough needs is a fresh and surprising challenge to Moylan. Someone with spirit and appeal. His weakness is that he is just plain nasty

    1. Wake up Cllr Mills. Wake up Cllr Borwick

  3. Chicken Moylan has not dared to campaign on the Hornet. Prat

    1. He doesn't have to, he has 'his man' Palmer trolling in bad grammar for him, just hysterical.

  4. It is this indecisiveness that has allowed this Borough to become the mess it is. Would Borwick, Mills and Coleridge please have the courage to do something?! Otherwise their reputation locally will be damaged. Stand up and be counted at least one of you.

  5. Supporter Of Moylan27 April 2013 at 09:44

    Just watch us, Dame

  6. Moylan has taken the high ground. Now the others are on the back foot and the only challenge they can mount is a "Stop Moylan" campaign. But negative campaigning starts off on the wrong foot and leads nowhere

  7. Seems quite clear to me

    Anyone who Hornet supports must be avoided

    Anyone Hornet hates should be given more consideration.

    1. Only clear to a prick like you!

  8. The Hornet is the official opposition and has all the careful...she can be a nasty old bitch....

  9. We know that the Dame is reluctant to dish all the dirt that she has on Moylan - but she may have to bite the bullet and do so if he is really a serious leadership candidate. If he becomes leader, we will lose all our good officers.

  10. If Moylan becomes Leader it is even clearer (not that we needed much clarity) that they are a spineless bunch. As the clock ticks and they fudge the issue the easier it is for negative campaigning to take hold.

    There are three clear candidates, Borwick, Coleridge and Mills will one of them STAND UP AND BE COUNTED for the sake of this Borough. Moylan is a divisive, dangerous, greedy, spiteful and empire building creep, to think he could be leader simply because no one has the courage to stand up for what residents need is outrageous. It therefore leaves the Borough open to him and UKIP.

    This is not acceptable.

  11. Knives are out for Browick; Mills is caring for a sick parent - but Coleridge is standing up to be counted.

    1. Who writes this rubbish? There are no knives out for Borwick. She has said she is not standing and all the hopefuls are competing for her support to get themselves elected.

  12. Presumably Moylan has changed in 20-odd years as much as he can't spend his time in council meetings ignoring the proceedings and reading the works of Thomas Aquinas. I wonder if his views on the future of the Russian economy have changed since those heady days, given that so many of them have come to fruition and it's not a pretty sight.


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