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Thursday, 25 April 2013


The Dame refuses to get drawn into who would be 'The One', however, she felt she had to reproduce this letter. The sender did not wish to be identified, but she does seem to have a point about N P-B. But if he is keen to do the job it's time he overcame his natural diffidence and told us he is up for the challenge

Dear Dame

I, as a long standing resident, am surprised that you have not focused more on Cllr Paget-Brown.
Whenever I have had issues(and a neighbour says the same) Cllr Paget-Brown is always ready to help.

I am very disappointed he has not chosen to throw his hat in the ring.
Not only does he have the advantage of the trust of officers, but he has held the fort whilst his boss, Cllr Cockell was away augmenting his income with other jobs.

I have met Cllr Paget-Brown on one or two occasions and he is always polite and considerate.

Please, Dame why not throw your  ample weight behind a leader who will be resident friendly and popular with officers.

Yours sincerely

A******r   B*******d


  1. Dame, please don't go giving this twit ideas. He is not resident friendly, does not know where North Kensington is and is part of an old guard that needs changing.

  2. How rude to accuse the Dame of having weight issues....but the resident is right Paget-Brown is a decent human being and will have much support from residents....go for it Nick

  3. I have known Nick Paget-Brown for many years and he is decent, conscientous and honest. I believe that Nick possesses the experience, ability and vision to make an excellent leader.

  4. Anyone who refers to Holland Park Opera as "the great glory of London" lacks the judgement that is required for Leadership

    1. Having spent the last few 'gloriously sunny days' taking full advantage of Spring I wandered around Holland Park quite a few times. Much as Holland Park is possibly the most beautiful (allowing nature to manage it with just a little help) and interesting park in London it is spoiled by the dominance of the opera and the view from the north side looking towards the old house resembles the O2. If I had my way the opera would be toned down or possibly stopped and replaced with events that works with the glorious setting of Holland House. The opera also causes alot of damage and unwelcome noise and is in danger of upsetting the wildlife in the park.

    2. Tired Tory Councillor26 April 2013 at 09:51

      I really don't think politeness is a good barometer of competence. NPB is not clever, much of the time he is out of his depth, and if you've never seen him lose his temper when thwarted/outclassed, you've really missed something!

      He has a very twisted view of the borough, and thinks opera can solve all the ills of the world; a very ignorant and shallow person who does NOT have leadership qualities.

      A decent ward Councillor (which I agree he is) does not equal a contender for leadership.

  5. I write to support the comments of Anonymous 21.25. For years I've seen NPB's behaviour towards those who publicly question him and towards those he considers beneath him. When addressing people he believes are not safe Conservative voters, his attitude is appalling.

  6. It's got to be Tim Coleridge then.


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