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Sunday, 28 January 2018


The Council wants to hear from you.....
             CLLR WEALE?

Could this be the beginning of a sea change? 
In times past the Council would commission such surveys and then doctor the results to fit with the answers it wanted.
Maybe times are changing and this is not just lip service. Anyway, the Council is undertaking a 'governance' review looking at the way the Council.....

  • makes its decisions, 
  • how open and transparent they are 
  • how residents are involved in Council decisions 
  • and how decisions the Council makes can be challenged.

Experts feel the survey questions are complex and difficult to answer if you are unfamiliar with Council’s processes. 

Worse, they seem expressed in local government jargon most people won't understand.  
The researchers would welcome all views, particularly on what the Council could do better in its decision-making arrangements, and how it communicates and engages with the public.
The questions so far discussed with the researchers included:

  • could the Council’s formal decision-making processes be made easier for the public to understand, in terms of roles and responsibilities at councillor and officer level?
  • are you happy with the current arrangement? Is there enough scope for public views to be taken into account and influence decisions?
  • when consultation exercises are used, are they open, neutral, with genuine options and productive?
  • should there be a clearer ‘social contract’ between the Council and its electorate?
  • how has been the Council’s response to issues you have brought to them?  Are you happy with the Council’s response?
Other questions could be:

  • are there too many councillors per ward
  • is not the committee system more democratic?
  • Is the Executive Team overpaid compared to similarly sized councils? 
Time is now short as responses from community groups should be received by 9th February. All responses will be treated anonymously.   The link is: HERE
You may like to provide some feedback in an email or letter, rather than attempting to complete the survey, if so, you should email: 

If you need this information in an alternative format, you should contact CfPS on 020 3866 5100 or email 


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  1. Paid for by Tories to whitewash the Tory Council


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