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Saturday, 20 January 2018


The Dame thought the Bentley was mothballed....she was wrong.

When residents see a shiny Bentley with a sort of RBKC personalised number plate(so Chobham!) they must wonder whether the story of dire financial straits at the Town Hall is 'all my eye and Betty Martin'.
Mayoral Monster
One of the first things Quirke should have ordered was the immediate disposal of this nonsensical machine.
When the Dame's chauffeur goes to renew the permit for the Armstrong Siddeley she is told she has to pay more to discourage her and others from driving massive polluters around town.
So what an appalling example is set by driving this behemoth around our streets.   
At least, convert it to gas, but better still flog it and use the perfectly serviceable Jaguar.
Against the wishes of Conservative and other councillors, Pooter Cockell insisted on a carriage suitable for his status! This, despite the fact that a local Jaguar dealer was just minutes away from the Town Hall and supplies cars to HM The Queen.
The Bentley is a remnant of a council that was never fit for purpose.
The new leader needs to start showing there really is a wind of change blowing through the Borough.


  1. It was seen outside the Housing and Property Scrutiny Committee meeting lest Monday. Maybe Kim Tailored-Sloth is getting a ride home in it.....

  2. RBKC councillors continue their delusions of grandeur - nothing changes there. Seems thats the ONLY "type" attracted to the job.

    Any money welcome from anywhere?

    RBKC should be renamed the INVESTMENT BOROUGH, because UHNWI do not need or want any services, its just property growth and servicing their property investments.

    Is that the only law of attraction now created in the rotten borough.

  3. Remnant of a Council not fit for purpose... Why do you think that it is fit NOW? It is not the pram that should be disposed of, but the children who ride it - et al.

    1. So right Badger. Dizzy loves the adornment of the Bentley. Makes her feel she is running something of importance. A real "buzz" for the hussey

  4. Alas dear Dame, your extended Christmas break means that your commentariat appears to have vanished. Please, please do an inside story on the demise of the TMO - it is all that anyone who is anyone is talking about at the moment.

  5. Surely the gas guzzling Bentley: RIII BKC should be traded in for an electric car - come on Lizzy and Kimmy - set the precedent!


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