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Monday, 29 January 2018


The Dame's very dear friend, Mr. Nigel Havers, rages against drivers who sit in their stationary cars with idling engines.

Aidling engine can produce up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion. Exhaust emissions contain a range of air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter. 

Anyway, young Mr. Havers, was on the radio telling listeners that he now asks drivers to switch off their engines.

The Dame has been doing the same and has been amazed by how polite and apologetic drivers are. 
Most work for chauffeur companies and the hopelessly inadequate Mayor of London should be writing to ALL these companies insisting that their drivers cut their engines. 
He should also do the same with taxi firms and individual drivers; after all, TfL is under his control and TfL control taxis. Really, Khan is an abject failure.
Idling engines are unlawful and he should be enforcing the law.


  1. Nigel is totally right and suitably endorsed up by our dear Dame. Spread the word - switch off those idle engines and hope it becomes law to do so.

    1. It's an actually law but with a derisory fine

  2. Silly Dame. The Mayor needs to concentrate his efforts on sorting out the roads and getting the traffic moving. I, for one, have no intention of wearing out my starter motor and racking up even more costs for the exploited motorist.

    Silly, silly, old girl

    1. The Dame is right and you are wrong. The way to get the traffic moving is to get ignorant Mr Toad's like you off the road

  3. At last week's council meeting it was pointed out that in the past 8 years there have been only two citations for idling in this borough. RBKC is responsible for enforcing the laws against idling. Better enforcement, particularly of construction vehicles, will help us all have cleaner (if not clean) air to breathe. According to the latest research, this will improve health especially for the elderly and children who suffer the worst consequences of air pollution.

  4. I think the dear Dame is actually electioneering now. I don't recollect her demanding action from B. Johnson when he was Mayor.

    1. How Dare You!
      I suggest you go to the 'Search' box on her little blog and enter 'Boris'.
      In fact, perhaps you should have done so before making such a preposterous and insulting suggestion. The Dame does not believe third rate and recycled politicians should be in charge of our great city. And that includes all three dimwits

  5. There should be a greater effort to get people out of their cars and use public transport, which is getting more and more electric, where 'idling' does not apply.
    Although not mechanically minded, I would have imagined, as mentioned above, switching off and starting up again would have some effect on the vehicle. And, how long would a vehicle have to be idling before it is considered unacceptable?

    1. Of course, we often see flattened badgers on our highways

  6. 'young Nigel Havers' is right, and must be commended. More loud voices, but not loud mouths, should join the chorus to whip our Council (and City Hall, and Her Majesty's Government) into taking early meaningful action - rather than more talking shop hot air forecasting years ahead. Idling engines anywhere, anytime, whether cars, coaches, commercial vehicles, black cabs, all contribute hugely to PM etc pollution, with young undeveloped lungs, anyone with a lowered immune system and the elderly (i.e. anyone over 10 and a half) instantly impacted.
    Legislation covers idling engines, but awareness and penalties are so low as to be a sad joke. And who in RBKC lands enforces? Thats not in the traffic warden contract, Council enforcement officers are depleted and overheated, and the police won't or can't or don't know (one motorised policeman even admitted to keeping the patrol car engine running to keep warm.. - we sympathise, but can that be right?).
    Come on, Lead Member for Environmental Health Cllr Will Pascall - we heard your undertakings at last week's Council Meeting, so lead from the front to put some steam, not hot air, into this, and into other counter-pollution measures - FAST!
    Pollution knows no post code, and those in positions of influence have a responsibility to make a difference, and not to continue killing us softly with inaction, honied words and reasons why not.

  7. We in Portobello Market are still awaiting his response to our request for security measures. This is almost one year overdue.


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