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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Dear Dame

My understanding is that Cllrs Campbell, Pascall and Taylor-Smith are all independently rich.
In fact, Taylor -Smith has a flock of Ferrari's whilst Pascall a flock of properties.

It would be a magnificent gesture if the three leaders of this council offered to reduce their £50-70,000 year allowances to a nominal amount to show we are(in the words of the ghastly Osborne) 'all in it together'.

With the May elections coming up fast it would prove them to be the enemies of personal greed.....

I note that the Leader of Conservative Group in Lords, Lord Borwick, refuses his very large allowance.
Saving haircut money

Your affec. reader

Cllr D******    M********

PS, I do wish Cllr Taylor -Smith would get a haircut...I know he wants people not to know he's an accountant but really!


  1. Moylan trouble making

  2. Why do people with the most prolific English surnames hyphenate them?
    It's the sort of vulgarity one would expect from the dear Dame

  3. Can the Leader suggest Kim gets a man bun?

  4. It took me a while to understand why the upper classes have hyphenated names. It goes like this.

    Arthur Ferguson marries rich heiress Alice Smythe, only daughter of Sir Joseph Smythe. Sir Joseph, lacking a son, knows that his Smythe name will die with him, so he makes a will leaving his vast fortune to his daughter, but only on condition that the Fergusons change their name, and their children's name, to Smythe. So they fudge it slightly and become Ferguson-Smythes (or is it Smythe-Fergusons?).

    Every double barrelled family has somewhere in the past an ancestor who changed their name in order to get the dosh - there's nothing admirable in it at all.

    1. I have yet to meet an upper class Taylor or Smith

  5. Afghan-Hound Taylor Smith ! Get a haircut boy .

    1. He is over 50 with a full head of hair - thats an achievement in itself!

  6. Pascall also reaps in rentals from people living in his properties - yet never once declared an interest whilst sitting on the Housing and Property Committee. Council tenants and leaseholders of course were always required to declare their interest - albeit far more modest interests than Pascall's.


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