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Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Let the Dame start with a controversial statement....

There are some good and solid Conservative councillors; equally, there are others who just don't cut it.
We are waiting for Cllr Julie Mills to release the names of the candidates who will be replacing those she kicked out. 
The Dame hears some are young and rather good
The surprise for us all is how Cllr Palmer managed to evade the purge...what could he be holding over Cllr Mills?

Anyway, other who unfairly escaped the purge include Cllrs Weale and Pascall.
Between them, the husband and wife Pascall team are pulling in over £50,000 a year. 

With that sort of dough, the Dame expects him to get off his backside and put in some hard work.
As this comment suggests Pascall has been his usual, overpaid and useless self.
Come on, Pascall, buck your ideas up or Advance Together will push you out.

'young Nigel Havers' is right and must be commended. 
More loud voices, but not loud mouths, should join the chorus to whip our Council (and City Hall, and Her Majesty's Government) into taking early meaningful action - rather than more 'talking shop hot air forecasting years ahead. 
Idling engines anywhere, anytime, whether cars, coaches, commercial vehicles, black cabs, all contribute hugely to PM etc pollution, with young undeveloped lungs, anyone with a lowered immune system and the elderly (i.e. anyone over 10 and a half) instantly impacted. 
Legislation covers idling engines, but awareness and penalties are so low as to be a sad joke. 

And who in RBKC lands enforces? That's not in the traffic warden contract, Council enforcement officers are depleted and overheated, and the police won't or can't or don't know (one motorised policeman even admitted to keeping the patrol car engine running to keep warm.. - we sympathise, but can that be right?). 
Come on, Lead Member for Environmental Health Cllr Will Pascall - we heard your undertakings at last week's Council Meeting, so lead from the front to put some steam, not hot air, into this, and into other counter-pollution measures - FAST! 
Pollution knows no post code, and those in positions of influence have a responsibility to make a difference, and not to continue killing us softly with inaction, honied words and reasons why not.


  1. Back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, anyone walking in Oxford street would have learned the same from the nausea and headache induced by diesel vehicles - taxis and buses. The idiot Livingstone of course increasing the number of diesel vehicles to keep London clean... deathly silence from him and his lackeys.

  2. The Dames Investigator31 January 2018 at 07:00

    Don't rock the boat. Pascall and his lady need the dosh for school fees. Give them a couple more years and they will be off the hook. Already maxed out on mortgages and credit cards

  3. Dame, will Alison Jackson be standing as a prospective Conservative councillor?

    "Artist Alison Jackson has a long track record of mocking the rich and famous with faked pictures of them in comical set-ups.

    Let’s hope that she doesn’t lose her satirical bite, as I hear she is standing as a Conservative councillor in London’s Kensington and Chelsea.

    ‘It’s such a beautiful area,’ she tells me. ‘There are things I really care about and I want to contribute to society.’"


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