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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


The Dame is often asked how to get a really controversial planning application through Mr. Stallwood’s planning officers.

You know, like creating a massive terrace where none previously existed.

Two routes exist to achieve this sort of seeming impossibility.

1.     Pick Le Lay architects noted for their cosy relationship with the Council planners....
2.     Or....make sure that Alison Long is the relevant planning officer.

Well, that might not work as Miss Long has moved to pastures new (where and why one ponders)
Keen readers might remember the other Allison was ‘Flighty’ Flight who got up close and excitedly personal with the DP9 team when Capco won Earls Court.
Mr. Stallwood claims 'allegedly' despite it being witnessed by 30/40 people. 
The Dame is pretty unshockable but was quite disgusted by the unseemly display of hanky panky.

But to the matter in hand.

In 2012  Miss Long recommended the Council allows a very rich Hong Kong-based socialite consent to build a massive terrace at his Pont Street flat.

Normally, anything so controversial would require neighbours to be thoroughly appraised of the risk; after all, 70/80 people carousing away on a summer’s evening is a recipe for a nightmare. 
It would also be counter to Core Strategy on the basis of noise and disturbance.

Miss Long, for reasons we can only guess at, decided to notify just a few neighbours.
Now, she could have been honest. She could have warned potential objectors a gigantic terrace was planned. 
She chose not to; she chose to help the applicant.

For reasons best known to herself she referred to the replacement of what she called a ‘lantern’.....

Not very illuminating....after all, who would know what a 'lantern' was? 

Even Mr. Slocombe from Le Lay architects said he was ‘simply amazed’ he got the permission through.

Miss Long is no longer around to be subjected to interrogation and neighbours now have to suffer blighted lives.

As far as Mr. Stallwood is concerned the matter is closed.

In May, there is an election. It's clear residents have concerns as to whose side Council planners are on.
Rich developers and non-locals, or people whose lives are spent living and working in the Borough?

A case like this does make one wonder....


  1. No surprise here. If you have money you can get consents

  2. If Le Lay let you down why don't you go to a very helpful man called Edward George at Savills. Yes, you guessed it! It is the same Edward George who used to work for RBKC Planning Dept and was influential in helping his now current employers to get a host of basements planning applications through. This Borough is rotten to it's very core.

  3. It makes one wonder if there should be a 'cooling off' period so that planning officers be prevented from hurrying down the road to the private sector with council secrets....

  4. The planning dept has always favoured those who don't live in the borough compared to us poor plebs who have to put up and make do . Property Developers over the electorate.

  5. THREE option. The 3rd is a very large brown envelope, stuffed to the gills with pristine red notes..

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  9. Global Ultra High Net Worth Individuals live life by unique rules, they have what they want. No doubt RBKC is only too willing to assist in any way they can.

  10. Some animals are equal, but some are more equal than others .


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