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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


The Dame is being kept in the dark as to Cllr Mills's candidates but could she have selected Alison Jackson? 

Alison would seem a bit too 'outre' for the Royal Borough.
The Dame is not sure Alison's pic of the Dame's old friend is really on....

'Artist Alison Jackson has a long track record of mocking the rich and famous with faked pictures of them in comical set-ups. 

Let’s hope that she doesn’t lose her satirical bite, as I hear she is standing as a Conservative councillor in London’s Kensington and Chelsea.
‘It’s such a beautiful area,’ she tells me. ‘There are things I really care about and I want to contribute to society.’ '


  1. The Dame had to remove that comment as it really was not factual

    1. Removed because you are such a fan of Cllr Mills?

    2. No, removed because it made unwarranted and potentially libellous insinuations against officers.
      As for your other insinuation...reading the Dame's snide comments about Mrs Mills doesn't bear out your inference that the Dame and Mrs Mills take tea and fancies together. Now, away with you, you bad person!

  2. Apparently the other Allison (Eve) has won her appeal and will now stand again in St Helens ward - or will they give her a safer seat this time round? This Alison is rumoured to be standing in Chelsea Riverside in place of Maighread Condon-Simmonds.

  3. Alison jackson is grossly unqualified to be a councilor.

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