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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


The Dame has had a well-earned rest. 
She will kick the year off by taking a look at how to get a 'no hoper' planning application through Mr. Stallwood's planning department.

No, you don't need to employ Capco's DP9 at a cost of tens of thousands of £'s.

Watch this space.....


  1. Dear Dame
    We have missed you!
    Thank you so much for coming back.
    Tally ho 2018!

  2. I hear the Dame completed a wind sailing course. Well, she tends to sail close to the wind

  3. Oh, how wonderful to see her back. But, is she still suffering from a mild fuzzy mind? Take a 'luck' or perhaps 'look'... Oh,dear, as I get older I get more pedantic.... Anyway, welcome back. There is a lot to attend to...

  4. Thank you, my dear fellow.
    The dame hope the Festive Season left you and your sette with lots of tasty bits and pieces from your haute cuisine dustbins.

  5. Could the Dame please speak to us about the number of services RBKC has now outsourced to other Boroughs?

    * Children with Disability - No schools in RBKC - All children outsourced and services billed back to RBKC.

    * Household Waste and Recycling Centre - Outsourced to Wandsworth, Lots Road redeveloped.

    * Police - Chelsea closed down, Ladbroke Grove under threat, Earls Court to go? etc. and as we know some of the more affluent areas of Chelsea and Kensington have their security (police) - Police Outsourced to Wandsworth?

    * Local Colleges - Plan to outsource
    - Wornington College - many courses are now cut back or removed.
    - Kensington and Chelsea College - several courses are cut to people on benefits or removed from the prospectus entirely. Courses are now mostly only open those that can pay.

    Go inside these colleges and find out what is "no longer available" - the damage is being done on the inside and all that will be left is an empty shell. A managed removal of prospectus courses at RBKC colleges.

    It seems a sure bet RBKC would like to outsource the poor/middle band of residents too if they could!

  6. From the Times

    "Tension is mounting between Capital & Counties and the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham amid speculation a Saudi predator is circling the property developer.

    The FTSE 250 company is reportedly in the sights of Olayan Group, a Saudi investment firm.

    It is said to be interested in buying a large project to redevelop Earls Court, west London, from Capital & Counties for about £500m.

    Five years ago Hammersmith and Fulham council, then led by the Conservatives, approved Capital & Counties’ £12bn proposal to redevelop a 77-acre site in Earls Court.

    The plan would involve demolishing two housing estates. However, the current Labour-led administration is lobbying for the borough to take back control of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates.

    Council leader Stephen Cowan wrote to residents last month, saying he was seeking a firm assurance that the company would not sell the redevelopment project or estates to a third party.

    Capital & Counties declined to comment."

    So after everything CapCo have made a right horlicks out of this. We have lost not only an Exhibition Centre but also Lillie Bridge Depot as well as residents' homes that have been damaged.

    Will Spalding still be their advocate before the local elections?

    Happy New Year to the Dame!

  7. Thank goodness - we thought the Dame had perhaps expired.

  8. Dear Dame,

    Happy New Year. I look forward to your blogs in 2019. I have heard it said that no one at the Council or the TMO ever reads these pages. We know that Dent Coad reads these pages most assiduously.

  9. Welcome back Dame. Re: 6.29: Far from no one at the council or TMO reading the Dame's views, in the recent past council workers were forbidden to read it at all. Now RBKC is an empty shell. Holgate has apparently gone and its seems so have all the senior officers who know how to run the place. Hornton Street is a rudderless hulk. Quirk has neither map nor compass.

    1. 13.31 Quirk is definitely quirky. I think Holgate would have managed to pay out a £140 to every Grenfell Tower resident in time for them to buy Christmas Day lunch.

    2. What did Mr Quirk think he was doing................11 January 2018 at 23:46

      18.32 Dent Coad professes to be concerned about Grenfell victims. The buck stops with Quirk for the Council's failure to ensure that every Grenfell resident received £ 140 in time to pay for Christmas Day lunch. Why hasn't Dent Coad demanded Quirk's head.

    3. she's useless that's why

  10. @23:46 Does EDC just turn a blind eye like with the KCTMO. Will missed opportunities will come back to haunt her?

  11. EDC turned a "blind eye" with KCTMO for the entire four year period that she was a TMO Non-Executive Director. She knew that KCTMO was thoroughly bad and did nothing to bring the place down.

  12. She's as racist as Donald Trump.

  13. Emma Dent Coad must be pleased to be labelled "as racist as Donald Trump." Donald Trump denies being racist just like Emma Dent Coad denies it.

  14. Emma has not been disciplined for racism by the Labour Party.

    Does the left wing anti racist zero tolerance line only apply to racist Tories?

    Has she been sent to Coventry by Black Labour MP's and Grenfell survivors or is her racism being passed off.

    1. When our MP's racism is shown to be on a par with Donald Trump's racism, it is time for her to resign and end the embarrassment she has caused Jeremy and the Labour Party.

  15. Does Emma identify with Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson and all the posh Labour EU REMAINERS, or does she support the great leader JEREMY and all the momentum Labour EU LEAVERS.

    I think we should be told.....

  16. Since becoming MP, Emma has aligned herself to the Corbyn lobby and tried far too hard to prove she is left wing. She is a contradiction in terms because the left hate racism towards people of colour.

  17. 19.50. Emma Dent Coad has never conned me. She's not left wing just because she says she is -- so she hates the monarchy but cannot even do that intelligently. How can she claim to be a Socialist when she goes on about her high class Spanish heritage. Socialists do not believe in class societies but Emma does.


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