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Saturday, 2 August 2014


The latest RBKC Scrutiny Committee Meeting and the Extraordinary Meeting called last week by RBKC's Labour Party attempted to rectify the Children's Special Education Needs transport debacle.

A smirking Andrew Christie, Head of Children's Services, supplied misinformation of defamatory magnitude.
Christie should be ashamed of himself...not just over his general incompetence, but in trying to blame the previous contractors suggesting they were unhelpful in transferring staff to the new contractors. 
Anyone with a modicum of business acumen understands the former contractors would have moved heaven and earth to move staff: after all, why would they want to take on huge redundancy liabilities? 
He further demonstrated his scandalous lack of knowledge of the contract by suggesting the previous operator charged "extremely high Adult Services Costs" .....
He reassured Councillors that "The new Adult Services contracts have delivered a saving of 35% on the cost of the service provided by Crystals (Coaches)". 

As Crystals never operated such services councillors should be questioning Christie over his blatant lie.
A civil servant lying to a minister of the Crown would face the sack.....
Further claims by Christie that the previous contractor charged a large supplement in order to extend their service by six months again showed Christie's disregard for the truth. Councillors should have been told that the contract was extended at no extra cost to RBKC..... until Christie chose to terminate it early. 
In doing so he-and he alone, triggered the early termination charge by not allowing the established service to continue until the end of the school year in July.  
Rather RBKC chose to change the travelling arrangement for almost 200 children, many autistic, and unable to process rapid change, in the course of the four day Easter weekend. 

Christie then also failed to answer questions about why experienced contractors were deliberately excluded from tendering, in favour of contractors with no previous experience of servicing Special Education Needs Transport". 

Now that is a mystery that really needs addressing.......
We should be told!


  1. Too many unanswered questions, too much smoke. Take responsibility Councillors this is not just Christie's responsibility.... its yours too.

  2. And sadly there is more to come from Christie's spiteful attack on the most vulnerable in people in our community - children with special educational needs and disabilities. Watch this space.


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