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Monday, 4 August 2014


The Dame hears the poor old taxpayer is now paying for extraordinary New Age style "Compassion" training care courses for Tri Borough health and social care professionals.
Framework4Change, who run the courses, is operated by one Andy Bradley.
Andy claims that he has no connection to a mysterious and oppressive pseudo religious, Armageddon organisation called  Brahma Kumaris, yet has used their retreat centre for one of his 'Self Love' workshops. 

He has also regularly made reference to being connected to them on social media sites regularly addressing people by their calling card "Om Shanti".

The Dame has also been informed that Andy has a 'Compassion Shed' at the bottom of his garden.
She hopes he has received the appropriate planning consent.

The Dame suggests her dear readers go to their website....

'Weiiiiird stuff, man' her idiot nephew Ludo says after smoking a spliff or two, listening to Bob M and reading about Andy's chums.
And no, the Dame has never partaken....

Evidently one attendee told a shaken and shocked Dame that the courses are a cross between "feel the love" sessions and Billy Graham and Rev Jim Jones rallies.
The funding for this nonsense was nodded through by Hammersmith and Fulham CCG and involves all the CCGs in the Tri Borough area. 

A Tri Borough "Compassionate Leader" four day course held in July for Social Care managers gave them a Graduation badge;presumably to prove their Compassion credentials.   

To pay the company the Tri Borough plundered the NHS England Winter Pressures funds! 
So though we may not now be able to get the treatment we require in A&E at we are turned away.... it will be with 'compassion'. 

Now here is the odd bit....not dissimilar to the award of the SEN contract....
None of this went out to tender and appears to have been commissioned by an officer who has since left. 
The ex officer, Julia Patton claims in her LinkedIn entry to have been a consultant to 'Compassion Purveyor', (after leaving council employ)Framework4Change, but is still close to Andy.....
Helen Banham, Tri Borough Safeguarding Lead is also a speaker at one of their workshops.
One who knows says she and others have looked into the supplier company and are highly concerned to see it has connections to a known religious cult(Andy denies the connection even though the company has used its facilities)

It seems people involved in health and social care have deep concerns about the ethical and safeguarding issues. 
It would appear no due diligence was done on any of it. 

The Dame hears rumours that the national press are about to pounce on the story..... 
As one resident told the Dame,  "I am particularly keen highlight the specific issues locally, where we face cutbacks to our hospitals and other services yet it is deemed appropriate to dole out contracts on the nod to unaccredited, unevidenced...err...Ab Fab silliness."

Andy, if you wish to sue the old Dame you can serve a writ at her address in Monte Carlo.....go on, the Dame dares you!

Villa Hornetto

rue de la Pooteresque


  1. Maybe those cllrs and officers responsible for the SEN disaster should be sent on the course

  2. This kind of nonsense is what happens when a Royal Borough teams up with a third world outfit like Hammersmith. The Ghost of disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockle lives on

    1. Cockle is a long term thinker. By creating the Tri Borough, he set up a brand new market opportunity for his new employer, CACTUS.

  3. The core of Hammersmith Town Council was always a bunch of socialist luvvies looking after their friends. Kensington and Chelsea should distance itself from these quaint practices and stick to the heavy stuff like Opera Holland Park, £30 million pink granite highways made in China (Exhibition Rd) and £100 million schools. All paid for by the ratepayer.

    Whatever the Hornet says, Hornton Street has "class".

  4. Anon 16.02 is mastaken. Pooter's new employer is "CRETIN."

    Yet more resident's funds are poured into the municipal lavatory. So where is our new bi-borough chief executive, Mr N Holgate, in all of this? Apparently "gone fishin'. One despairs.

  5. It just gets better every day. They are perfectly capable of being concerned about their own due diligence and safeguarding, but couldn't give a damn about disabled children and their parents. Om Shyteee!

  6. I've had dealings with Helen Banham and she 'gives it good' where compassion is concerned; also a mistress of 'sincerity'.

    Obviously a Framework4Change graduate.

  7. RBKC adult social care staff had to do this course last year.. it was as awful as you imagine and then some. Patronising, gimmicky and delivered by someone who has no idea what the job is.


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