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Monday, 18 August 2014


Taxpayers are fully entitled to know every last detail of the business lives of those who represent them; that is the point of declaring all business interests,
It's even more important when that councillor is chairman of an important committee....such as Planning.

The Dame, in her wisdom, has decided that there will be no more blogs on the subject of Cllr Warrick until clarification of all his business interests-current and past, are in the public arena.
This will be achieved through the medium of a Freedom of Information request-unless of course, Cllr Warrick decides to declare them himself.

One of the difficulties of an unmoderated blog is that just a mere handful of readers can make comments which could be construed as defamatory.

Once more in depth information on Cllr Warrick is available the Dame will give it an airing.


  1. The Dame is as as ever as wise as she is beautiful. These matter will not go away till residents know what's what.

    We look forward to the information she and her legions of faithful retainers discover via the Freedom of Information Act. Despite suggestions to the contrary, the legislation applies in the Rotten Borough, which remains a part of the United Kingdom.

  2. 17.17 Are you sure RBKC exists within the UK or even in the real world?

  3. Given that we know this blog is scrutinised with a level of paranoia second to none at Hornton Street one would hope that by now an investigation is well under way in to the claims of Warrick especially with regard to his legal qualifications. I guess we all just need to watch this space.

  4. WorkedatRBKC. Thank you for confirmIng this; it's always seemed likely. The politicians in Hornton St have every reason to be afraid of the Dame and her public. She reaches the people the propaganda cannot. Her influence continues to grow.


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