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Saturday, 2 August 2014


Dear Dame,

I thought that you would like to hear about Rock's latest statement regarding his plans to destroy a much loved and valued Norfolk woodland.

On the 10th of July our local Conservative council, Broadland District Council, released its statement on future development. 
It bashed on the head Rock Fielding Mellen's plans to put up 'socially conscious' houses in ancient English woodland.
Much to the relief of the 1000's of local people who have written, campaigned and responded to the councils consultation on the subject the council ruled out the woods as an area for development, the councils statement states that there had been:

“very large number of strong objections against developing on Thorpe Woodlands”

and consequently it states that the woodland:

“has not been allocated for development. 

Thorpe Woodlands was discounted as a reasonable alternative, primarily on the grounds of impact on biodiversity of a large scale development and ongoing uncertainty about whether any form of development would be acceptable on similar grounds” “the very large number of strong public objection to development was also taken into account when making this judgement”

Speaking on behalf of the owners of Thorpe Woods, the Thorpe & Felthorpe Trust (TFT), Rock Feilding, managing director of Socially Conscious Capital (SCC), said: "

"Following the decision by Broadland District Council not to allocate Thorpe Woods for development within the Area Action Plan (AAP), we will be continuing commercial forestry operations from the end of August in Racecourse and Belmore plantations. This will centre on around 35 acres being thinned/coppiced or selectively felled and around 12 acres, which will be clear-felled.

Rock F-M is clearly not going to allow some bumbling local council to get in the way of his vandalistic project he says "Neither the commercial forestry nor the decision by Broadland District Council over the AAP allocation will prevent us from continuing to promote this proposal." 
As one local yokel said," This is particularly depressing as he clearly places no value on the views of local people or respects the stated position of the local Conservative council.

As an aside, Dame, you may be interested to know that the proposed development of Thorpe Woods is one of only two projects that Socially Conscious Capital is working upon, the other being the proposed Longniddry Development, this is a housing development which is once again opposed by locals but in this case the land is owned by the Wemyss estate i.e. Rock's Mum and Step Dad.


  1. If a mother on a housing estate began drilling holes in her head her kids would be whisked into care and she'd be put into a mental health facility. But because she owns the estate she lives on it's all harmless eccentricity.

    How much public money will this family be pocketing if this incestuous plan goes ahead? What a despicable, loathsome nest of parasites.

  2. What a smutty little existence Cllr Mellen leads. In spite of an expensive education and the patronage of Pooter he has not managed to find useful employment. Sad. But a pity that he is now parked on the residents of Kensington and Chelsea who provide him with an office and a huge "allowance" in return for bowing out of the Leadership battle and giving Cllr Paget-Brown the job.

    1. Cracking good analysis


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