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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Look carefully at the text and you will see Pooter, Pascall and Warrick claim to have had, " proper jobs and lives outside politics".

Had the Dame had picked this up before she would have reported them all to the Returning Officer for telling fibs!
Pooter's only 'proper job', before deciding that he could make more money from allowances, was flogging fags in Africa.....and his two man basement company went into liquidation.
The Dame is currently investigation Cllr Warrick's job and is up against a brick wall. 
As for the clown Pascall....well it's doubtful he was ever employable. 
So the trio's description of 'proper jobs' is highly debatable.


  1. Fly On The Wall7 August 2014 at 09:38

    Three terribly "average" people who are well used to a little exaggeration about their "achievements", all of which remain mysterious. All of them love puffing up and troughing at the taxpayers expense. Pascall is an un achieved solicitor (or is it architect?). Anyway, he makes his way by renting out properties in the Royal Borough which he owns by virtue of an inheritance. Cockle as we know is the failed fag salesman who operated from the basement of the Conservative Office at 1A Chelsea Manor Street (terrible optics of a conflict of interest) and the Dame is on to Cllr Warrick - a decidedly shifty looking cove who has embraced all of the spiv attributes of parading in Bermuda shorts and convertible cars in High Street Kensington.

    1. Campden Resident7 August 2014 at 09:40

      Will Pascall has a boy at Eton. Fine chap.

    2. Will or the boy?

    3. His Grace The Duke of Lowndes7 August 2014 at 16:15

      All sorts of rather odd people now seem to send their children to Eton.
      Quite a common place now!

    4. Warrick hates to read this stuff. Makes him feel inferior. But Will is busting a gut to pay the school fees. Had to move into the smaller house so that he could rent out the big one. It is very dangerous for such stretched people to be exposed to the temptations of Royal Borough planning.

  2. Stanley rats nest......

  3. This mess is entirely due to decades of autopilot voting. It's high time residents engaged their brain before marking the ballot paper. Turf this lot out at the next opportunity!

  4. Facts about Pooter such as his extraordinary expenses claims and the like can all be added to this entry which presumably he created himself:

  5. I have never been shy in airing my contempt for Cockell.
    I think him an opportunist. Having flailed around, with no success, in the private sector, he decided to exploit opportunities in the local government arena.
    He became, what I disparagingly describe as, a 'local government entrepreneur.
    No one can gainsay his success in that skill. Averaging c £120,000 a year at the expense of taxpayers, he has been able to maintain a lifestyle never achievable in the private sector.
    Eric Pickles made clear that he vehemently disapproves of councillors double and triple jobbing to generate incomes exceeding that of the Prime Minister. If Cockell is given a peerage it will be a national disgrace.
    Nick Paget-Brown may have his faults, but he focuses on the job, without trying to grasp at every penny. If I give any advice to Nick it would be....start getting tough!
    And keep up the good work, Dame.

  6. Nick is in a difficult place, being "on notice" for the coming year. If he gets tough and gets it wrong, the venal will take over the moneypots.


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