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Monday, 18 August 2014


Jon Moynihan, the self satisfied ex chairman of PA Consulting has been able to give a helping hand to his mate, Pooter Cockell.
Pooter is one of those local government entrepreneurs who supported the family on massive allowances paid out to councillors who manage to double and triple job.....despite Eric Pickles condemning the practice.

Pooter was at one time taking £130k a year from taxpayers, but times changed and he was left with just his miserable £10,500 a year councillor's allowance.

Fortunately, Jon was able to help out and introduce the useless Pooter to PA and persuading them to take him on as a 'senior local government adviser'. 
Not bad for a lad whose previous career was selling ciggies!


  1. It's curious how quickly Pooter has become a non person. The same goes for Moylan, presumably not to be confused with Moynihan. Both local political has-beens are seen exerting every fibre to recover and then retain a grip on power, not to mention the massive public subsidies to which they have become accustomed.

  2. Pooter is transitioning from the "big" gravy train to the "small" gravy train. But he is going to find it tough going - the small train demands that he brings in the business, something that his "business" career showed he was not much good at (according to Companies House).

    And the days of Local Govt spending on consultancies are vanishing fast. Less cash sloshing around in Town Halls and a growing realisation that Officers should deliver what they are paid to do without the help of third parties.

  3. Although I am in no way a fan of Pooter or his works, he was the Chairman of the Local Government Association and also the Leader of London Councils, both umbrella organisations for local authorities, and as such he does have, in fairness, some claim to actually be reasonably well qualified for the PA role.

    Of course both of those jobs were well paid, by us, and he did them in addition to other publicly funded roles, as The Dame has pointed out, so perhaps it is only right and proper that he now remit a substantial proportion of his PA earnings back to us since we are the ones who "invested" in his training and ought therefore to be entitled to some payback on that "investment".

    1. The point is that you need some intellectual ability to be useful, not just having had the titles. What more need I say.

  4. Pooter's parting gift to RBKC residents is bi or is it tri borough? Recently, having vainly tried half a dozen Town Hall phone numbers, an officer finally picked up the phone. In the event he was very helpful. Mention of having to work within the new bi-tri-borough system produced no comment, but gales of mildly hysterical laughter. What more can one say?


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