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Thursday, 7 August 2014


The Dame never rests....even as SS Hornet, her luxury gin palace, cleaves through the crystalline blue waters of Portofino the sophisticated signals room keeps her in touch with Rotten Borough informants.

There is always some blighter driving a wedge between Pooter Cockell and Boys Moylan.

This time it's an officer 'on the blower' with an extraordinary story.

He asks the Dame to hark back to a very nasty piece written by that superb journo, Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail.
The Dame reproduces it here...

But why re-hash the story you might ask......
It seems the Dame's informant wants her to place significance on the fact that Andrew Pierce and Boys Moylan dine together-and very recently at that...
Or so it appears looking at his Declaration.
But let's not let our imaginations run away with idle speculation......

"Now it seems Britain’s highest-paid councillor, the pompous Sir Merrick Cockell, has also had his online biography edited — to remove references to his legendary expenses. 
Cockell, the leader of true-blue Conservative Kensington & Chelsea Council, is also chairman of the Local Government Association, on a combined salary for both jobs of £120,000. My mole at his town hall tells me that on March 25 the list of his expenses was taken off his Wikipedia entry by someone calling themselves ed17.
Conveniently, his many enemies kept a copy of the deleted words. It shows he spent £59.74 on a taxi from Heathrow Airport to the town hall and £129.53 on lunch with two people. His nickname, Pooter, which he hates, also vanished along with an article giving more details about his spending.
He lavished £60,000 on a Head of Office, and £40,000 on his PA; £115,000 on a Bentley with the number plate RBKC, which Cockell used to use to save on taxi fares; and £800,000 on creating four ceremonial roles, including a mace bearer, and decking their holders out in ruffs and silk coats. "


  1. Very funny....but could it be true.

  2. Surprising that it took Pooter so long to start "editing" his Google record of entertaining friends to slap up dinners in New York (Four Seasons Restaurant) on a Saturday night and then charging it up to K&C council tax payers.

    The reptile will have more difficulty editing the Hornet's record of events.

  3. ed17 put all the information back up after the article but somebody 18 days later removed the information again, with the username Bastin. They removed the exact same amount of data citing FTHN as an unrealiable blog. Even though it all the exact same information can be found the RBKC website. Who is Bastin?

  4. New peers announced still no place for Sir Pooter. Very sad!!!


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