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Friday, 25 July 2014


Those close to the parents of disabled, vulnerable children are touched by their unending love and devotion.
Bringing up children is hard work: bringing up children with special needs is super tough. 
Parents of disabled children devote 100% of their lives caring for them: it's what total love is all about.
David and Samantha Cameron are the best high profile example of this love. 
They would surely have been disgusted by the casual and dangerous way the Tri Borough treats these children.

So when, to save a few thousand pounds, the Tri Borough decides to sacrifice the wellbeing of these children our hackles should rise and the officer and councillor responsible, respectively Andrew Christie and Cllr E. Campbell should be moved on to less important duties.

Last night parents came to hear a motion demanding the current contractors responsible for transporting their loved ones be fired and the former contractors reinstated.
When the late Baroness Ritchie was running Childrens' Services she would have never tolerated this mess.


“The Council recognises that the tri-borough SEN Transport Service procured by WCC is not fit for purpose and cannot be remedied under the existing arrangements in time for the new school term in September. 
It there resolves to invite the Cabinet to work with representatives of the previous contractor, and the operator whose bid was rejected on the grounds of price, to provide an interim service in K&C; and, at the same time, to prepare a tender specification to commission a new SEN transport solely for RBK&C.

Newcomer, Councillor Aouane, showed her total ennui with the proceedings by doing a bit of texting....filling up her Ocado order maybe? 
No wonder she is rapidly becoming known by certain officers as Cllr Inane!
As for Cllr 'Oirish' Ahern he could be ranting at the parents, " Shut Up. You are not elected"!

Nothing proves the uselessness of the Tri Borough arrangement than this sad and pathetic shambles.


  1. Will new Tory councillor Eve Allison be whipped by Cllr. Shut-Up for abstaining on the votes?

  2. Well we now know "we are all in this together", its where they will all be if something goes wrong when the children return to school.

  3. Clearly some tory Councillors were upset by this but they were whipped into shape by the hardcore. What was very clear from this meeting is that Councillors and officers do not have a clue when dealing with these children. Campbell also made a strange remark when referring to some of the complaints, she said that these were not K & C Children but were transported by the same company. Is her only concern the fact that the same transport company is used, has she not got any sympathy for the Hammersmith children given that one became seriously ill and had to hospitalized. I suppose given that she pushed the motion through in favor of the contract indicates that she is prepared to gamble with the welfare of the Kensington children, the view must be that the Hammersmith children regardless of their plight is no concern of hers. From the Dames's images of the meeting the empty spaces speak volumes, they just don't care about these children, seeing as their priority was to only send enough to the meeting to vote labour down. As for Sir Anthony Coates it is hard to believe this man is a medical doctor, at this meeting he behaved like a scumbag. It now remains to be seen if the decision taken at this meeting is the forerunner to a criminal act, because this council have had more than enough warnings.

  4. Yet again an example of the very low ability of local Government types. Made worse in K&C by the Tory monopoly which has encouraged self obsessed puffers to park their bottoms on the Conservative benches

  5. What a total waste of time has been the Tri Borough

  6. Not just a waste of time, a waste of money. These Councillors are callous and cold hearted, they care about no one but themselves.

  7. These Councillors are a waste of space. Shame they are making decisions that affect everyone's lives. There needs to be a major clear out in the next election! Can we mobilise now?

  8. It looks like ask Nick is nothing but populist politics, he has been conspicuous by his inability to act in this fiasco. He and the tory majority have allowed Hammersmith to take over K&C and impose their 'standards', they allowed Westminster to negotiate this fiasco, and they did not have the guts to stand up to them and cancel this contract. this can be summed up in the following words "While Kensington and Chelsea Slept" these are words that will be familiar to Tories.

  9. There's more on Councillor Aouane here:

    Reading this ghastly womans profile it does make you wonder what on earth she can know about services for vulnerable people be they adults or children and yet these are areas where she has responsibility.

    A degree from Oxford Poly doesn't either indicate that she is well educated but presumably she has a loud and horsey voice and is good at putting others down which are of course the prime qualifications to be a successful politician in RBKC these days.

  10. What an affectedly posed picture....Oxford Brookes...isn't that a Poly?

  11. What an affectedly posed photograph


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