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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Come on Cllr Warrick.....are you a barrister or a solicitor? 
We need to be told. 
Describing your office as a Law Office if you are neither is a bit misleading..... or perhaps you are non UK qualified in some legal sphere.
Whatever the case the Dame demands answers.

She is also anxious that you put up on the Council website your various appointments with myriad Italian restaurant enterprises.

Paul Warrick's business activities

And come on to Nicholas Holgate, our Town Clerk.....time to check out Cllr Warrick's creds!
Don't leave it all to the hard worked Dame.


  1. Warrick always strikes one as a shady character. It is the earnestness - so prevalent at Planning Meetings - which raises suspicion. And the way in which he pretends to listen to objectors at Planning Meetings having decided beforehand how he will vote. And the way he invariably tells his colleagues how he will vote, even though he is Chairman and should more properly consult his committee and draw them out before declaring his own position. And then there is the way that he drives around the Royal Borough in Bermuda shorts and his convertible BMW alongside his equally ridiculous wife that caps it all.

    The Dame is right to question the credentials of this silly person.

    1. You know them by the company that they keep. Cllr Warrick appointed the absurd person, Cllr Sam Mackover, as his Deputy on the Planning Committee. Sam is a Councillor so far up his own arse that he refuses to answer resident letters, refuses to take telephone calls from residents, and is invariably rude and pompous on the rare occasions that he encounters residents. And then pretends to be "depressed" when criticised for his totally unacceptable behaviour. And he is also a sponger. Having accepted high responsibility from his friend and fellow traveler Cllr Warrick, he has not attended a single Training Meeting for planning Councillors laid on by Officers, does not attend pre briefings, and has made no site visits in spite of presiding over more than 200 planning cases.

      Warrick and his coven need to be exposed.

  2. They are probably Masons - they always had a strangle hold on the inside track at Hornton Street. Helped Pooter a great deal

  3. Paul and Sam. Two puffers. They just love puffing up.

  4. Time for Cllr Warrick to clear the air?

  5. These Hornton St creeps are incapable of clearing the air. It's why we need the Dame.

    We also need thousands of RBKC residents to break the habits of a lifetime to vote AN Other in local elections.

  6. As a close and personal friend of Paul Warwick's I am outraged by these attacks on his integrity. As a councillor and as head of planning for RBKC Paul has done everything he can to help the residents of Moscow, Beijing and Kazakhstan fulfil their property investment needs in the borough.
    I am sure that this slight oversight in his professional status will be forgiven by his many supporters overseas.


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