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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


It appears that the Holland Park Academy is beginning to appear more like a rather mediocre minor public school-the sort of place that her ill bred brat of a nephew, Ludo, might have attended!
The Dame has been told of some dodgy doings on Britain's only £100 million State school. 
It appears that the school has picked up some bad expensing habits from Sir Pooter Cockell.....
Last summer thousands of pounds were spent on splendid lunches, first class luxury travel and taxis for the benefit of the senior management team. 
Some lucky fellow even got hold of a £3,000 i-pad.....
Anne-Marie Carrie, the newish chairman of the Board of Governors claimed a taxi to transport her to and from a 'cut glass', Hello style dinner party at the elegant home of dear old Cllr Rutherford. 
Cllr Rutherford is all at sea over the goings on at the Academy so doubtless Miss Carrie was putting a bit of steel into the old dear's back....and making sure she towed the line....
The Dame wishes to know why the senior management team could not pay for their own lunches like any other person at work and whether each team member has declared these to HM Revenue and Customs, since they attract income tax as benefits in kind. 
The Dame would like to know why the School has not claimed back the VAT on these invoices. 
And the Dame would also like to know why the Academy is trying to persuade the Council to foot these bills. 
Napoleon Hall surely has some explaining to do!'


  1. Dame, I think you'll find that not declaring benefits in kind to HMRC is quite common where some Council-related organisations are concerned. Holland Park would be far from alone.

  2. They are on a gravy train. But they will trip themselves up. They always do. Consider Phelps. Consider T Dan Smith. Consider Pooter. The list goes on and on

    1. At some stage the penny will drop that a £100 million state paid for school, with a £200k Gormley sculpture, and designer chairs for the classroom etc etc is all an abuse of public funds. Some person is going to get it in the neck. History shows that greed has no bounds and the greedy never know when to stop

  3. Cllr Rutherford is a lady of a certain age and loves to entertain and give benedictions. Colin Hall is as sharp as a fox in a hen house and loves to indulge old ladies. Together, these two are taking tax payers for a ride. Time for Cllr Paget-Brown to put a stop to it and rescue what dignity he can for Hornton Street and the hard pressed tax payers of the Royal Borough

    1. My Mate The Builder26 February 2014 at 15:53

      Hall in a hen house? Not his bent, Mate


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