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Friday, 7 February 2014


The charity sector is getting a well deserved beating up over greedy senior managers grabbing small donations of little people so as to award themselves vast salaries no profit driven private company would give them. 
It's the same in local government. 
The Dame has just seen that Wandsworth has boosted its Chief Executive's pay by 7% salary to nearly £300,000 a year (if you include gold plated pension, car and other juicy perks.) This, at a time when council workers have been given a derisory 1%..

Anyway, the Dame has just seen what Rod Cahill and chums who run Catalyst pay themselves. 
Rod came from local government and as no one else would employ him climbed aboard the housing association bandwagon!

Every week Rod collects close to £4,000 a week. And his colleagues are doing pretty well too.
So if you want your offspring to make effortless money get them into local government or Big Charity


  1. I heard a very funny story the other day.

    UKIP organised a meeting to find candidates to stand against me. 2 people turned up. One was the organiser and primary speaker of the meeting, and the other person, was the next speaker

    1. Sounds like they only need to find one other than they'll have a full house to stand against you in Stanley ...

  2. OBN....Order to the Brown Nose! I have always said Cockell is a jumped up man!

  3. Amazing. Spongers of the system. Who approves these salaries?

    1. Their Boards of course.

      Where executive pay is concerned the social housing sector suffers from the same malaise as the rest of the country: the fallacy and fear that you must pay the going rate lest their wonderfully effective executives move on to better things and leave them in the lurch.

      In practice very few executives in any industry are worth their remuneration packages. Unfortunately this is a self-perpetuating vicious cycle so unlikely to change any time soon, particularly as those in a position to do so are often benefiting from excess executive pay packages themselves.

  4. Most Housing Associations ceased to be charitable, in any sense of the word, a long time ago. Many are now, at best, simply heavily regulated private landlords.

    The worst have pretensions to be property developers making "loads of money" from selling market housing created alongside their traditional housing stock in any new developments and/or regeneration schemes. Catalyst appears to fall into the latter camp.

    Yet another reason why the provision of truly affordable housing for those on low incomes can arguably only be delivered by government; either the GLA or enlightened local authorities.

  5. The Dame is doing a great job (as usual) exposing these salaries currently paid to "charity" body employees. It used to be the case that public service individuals wanted to work to help others for modest pay. It now seems that everyone just wants more and more money and we know where that leads. Self service with very little, if any, attention to those who the organisation is supposed to help.

    Investigation of people like "Rod" shows up failed individuals from the private sector who manage to find a trough to feed off - supported by other failures with an eye to themselves who populate remuneration committees.

    Investigation of people like

    1. Just look at the result of the reptiles work. Slums.

      Rachman lives....

  6. Jobs for the boys; an absolute disgrace.

  7. Another little rats nest. A smaller version of Cockles Hornton Street


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