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Friday, 14 February 2014


The Dame likes to give praise where praise is due. 
Our fabulously efficient street cleaning operation is 'creme de la creme' and a pride of the Royal Borough
Likewise the Noise Control Unit. 
However, this particular team is being radically reduced just when it's most needed.
Which leads the dear old Dame to question how Mr Fizzypatrick's eleven strong team( including support staff) has succeeded in remaining unscathed during the cutbacks. 

It's a question being posed, not just by the Dame....officers are asking the question.

And it's not even as if they do a good job!

There are two questions to ask...... 
The first and obvious revolves around why RBK&C's team could not have been slimmed down to realistic proportions. 

The second....why the communications team was not merged with horrible, common old H&C.

The cost of running the Communications Department is in the region of £450,000 a year. 
For half that amount the entire operation could be handled by an external consultancy.

It's time residents started to ask these very basic questions.
The Communications Department has an appalling reputation with journalists. 
Just today, a senior BBC journalist complained to the Dame about their thickness and rudeness.

The team idles away its time away producing  'A Local Guide to the Media' and media digests, carefully edited to ensure nothing nasty is included
The Dame notices, with horror, that her little organ has been missed by Mr Labey-despite the fact it's required reading by councillors!


  1. Of course,in the reign of Pooter, the PR department was used to burnish his lacklustre image. Did a c**p job there. No match for the Dame who took him apart

  2. Looking at the list of names I think they were all redeployed from other redundant jobs into this team. All would be regarded as 'safe pairs of hands' but not really achievers. It's no wonder that performance is so poor, you put all the losers in one place and what do you expect?

  3. This Dept have a very nasty attitude to any journalists or residents who wish to speak out against the RBKC Council.


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