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Friday, 21 February 2014


Every year RBK&C, in its pathetic desire to appear 'street and edgy', slaps taxpayers in the face by throwing thousands of pound at a pointless and unwatched series of 'manifestations', which nobody has the slightest interest in.
Under the leadership of Nick Paget-Brown one might have thought a halt would be called to this squandering of money and the savings deployed to facilities that make a real difference.

A reader has written this to the Dame

Dear Dame

The below is currently being advertised on the RBK&C website:
 InTRANSIT street festival returns
 Art will be taking to the streets again this summer when Kensington and Chelsea's InTRANSIT festival returns bigger and better than ever before from 18 to 27 July.

I note that the web blurb includes the following:

This year the Council has commissioned design and production team O' Neill(Cllr?) Ross to curate the festival. Their experience includes production and design of Secret Cinema (2010 to 2013) as well as site-specific projects with The London Contemporary Orchestra and Silent Opera.

This couldn’t be Cllr Dez O’Neill could it?


  1. How ridiculous can one get? Too many Councillors, too much money to spend and not enough to do.

  2. Is the Dame getting closer to knowing why Labour sacked O'Neill? I think we should be told, what with the elections coming up.

  3. Dezzie was not "one of us". He was too involved with business and property developments.

    I never saw him on a picket line, or at a demo.

  4. Oh yes, Dez has his fingers in lots of pies.

    That sounds a bit rude, doesn't it? But then he says he used to be a gigolo, until he lost his looks and had to find other pies.

    Dear Nick PB is a sucker for Dez's 'charms'. Nick, wake up, the man is a charlatan.

  5. I don't think it's Dez, Google says it's Helen Scarlett O'Neill. No idea if there's a family connection.

    Would also love to hear the real reason for Labour and Dez parting ways. My usual sources have drawn a blank.

  6. Labour told Dezzie they will reveal all if he runs for re-election this coming May. But it may be too late by then, so they should tell us now.

  7. Well, there could have been issues on any of three levels:

    1, actual criminal activity
    2, acting against the Cllrs' Code of Conduct
    3, breaking Labour Party rules

    - any clues, anyone?

  8. Probably all three.

  9. How about bent toad does not like him

  10. The above has been known for years. The Tories repeatedly rewarded him with profitable committee seats and supported his so-called charity providing public art.

    Not long ago £250,000 of our cash almost went to his charity to decorate a soon to be demolished railway bridge in N. Kensington. The Town Hall felt competitive tenders were unnecessary. Locals rebelled.

    The same charity was to install mosaics in the newly refurbished public lavatories in Portobello Market. Again there were no tenders and locals objected. The cabinet member responsible for both the above projects is our esteemed new Leader.

    This gentleman authorised giving £728,000 of residents' funds to the K & C street traders, to hide the true cost to residents of decades of providing unlawful subsidies to RBKC commercial waste. The contractors should have paid. O'Neil and a Labour colleague then claimed credit for the residents' £728,000 loss. RBKC's unlawful waste practices result from repeated, improper tendering processes.

    Returning to O'Neil, Labour has tolerated him for years. Now they intend to reveal the real story to residents, only if it's to their electoral advantage. Yet more dishonesty.

  11. Didn’t Labour save Julie Mills’ face by stopping her from appointing Dezzie as her Deputy Mayor?

    1. Cllr Blakeman loves the soft feel of the Hornton St carpet under shoes so much that she often forgets that she is meant to be representing Labour and not the Ruling Party. Sooner her colluding ways become a thing of the past the better.

    2. Yes judith we all know that you are standing down as leader after the elections - before bent toad knifes you in the back

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  13. Amazed no one has mentioned Pat "da Scargill'" Mason's love affair with smooth operator Dez. Two snakes slithering in the grass of Portobello Green. Let's face it, there's only a few politicians here that work for the good of the people but, I'm sad to say, think a few more blues than reds. Probably cause a position of strength allows forthe luxury of honesty...?


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